The need for a hot drinks machine in the workplace.

If you were to go and visit workplaces around the region, you’ll find that many of them have vending machines or alternative refreshment solutions available. Those that don’t are missing out. It’s not just about the convenience, the ability to go to the machine and have a quality hot drink ready made for you. There’s much more to vending machines than that, and we’re about to talk you through each and every benefit.

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The 7th October is National Frappe Day!

7th October is National Frappe Day, a yearly event that celebrates a delicious chilled, foam-covered coffee drink. We’re experts in coffee, and it’s certainly interesting to see how it has developed over the years to give us variations such as the Frappe. It wouldn’t feel right, though, if we didn’t get on board with such a revolution ourselves, and we like to think that we can help produce a delicious Iced Frappe through a certain product range of ours…

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October is Fairtrade month…so here’s some facts, figures and history!

Fairtrade is an important topic, and is emphasised during October where the entirety of the month is dedicated to raising awareness. Over the next four weeks we will be distributing a couple of blogs based around the organisation, starting with today. This one focuses on the history and what it is, with a few statistics thrown in for good measure.

A background…

The roots of Fairtrade date back to 1946, when Ten Thousand Villages began buying needlework from Puerto Rico in 1946. The first official ‘Fairtrade’ shop which began to sell these products opened its doors in 1958 in the USA, and soon enough the organisation began to make its way to UK shores. Oxfam began selling crafts made by Chinese refugees and in 1964, the first official Organisation established. Poorer countries have been benefitting ever since.

What Fairtrade does.

As stated on their website, Fairtrade ensures ‘you have the power to change the world every day. With simple shopping choices, you can get farmers a better deal. And that means they can make their own decisions, control their futures and lead the dignified life everyone deserves.’ In short: it’s a simple way to give coffee farmers the recognition that their hard work deserves.

It is an unfortunate reality that coffee farmers in developing countries often get exploited for the work they do. This excellent organisation encourages better working conditions and a fairer price for their products, and buyers are encouraged to go through Fairtrade when purchasing the goods that we all know and love.

The organisation works hard throughout 74 countries over four continents, including Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, India and Sri Lanka.

It aims to boost awareness by holding events and campaigns. If a product is registered, it will carry the specialist mark.

Facts and Figures

Here’s a little snippet of some interesting information.

  • There are more than 1.65 million farmers and workers in Fairtrade certified producer organisations.
  • There are 1,226 certified producer organisations across 74 countries.
  • 26% of all farmers and workers are women.
  • Small producer organisations spent 31% of their Fairtrade premium on investments supporting productivity or quality improvements.
  • On plantations, workers spent 26% of their premium on education.

Coinadrink are proud to support the organisation and purchase many of our products from certified organisations, so keep an eye out for that blog coming soon.

Toasting our 55 years in a charitable way!

Coinadrink Ltd are an elite vending company that celebrated its 55th birthday last February. Owned by Roger Williams, we have been a family business right from the off, and 55 years in business is down to three things: a pledge for quality, a keen eye for innovation and a strict customer-centric approach.

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