Cold Drinks Machines | Vending Machines for Soft Drinks

Cold Drinks Machines

Provide ice cold drinks at the touch of a button including many top brands including Coca Cola, Pepsi & much more

Cold Drinks Machines

Offering a great selection of cans and bottles, all chilled to perfection, our range of cold drinks machines are the perfect way to keep your staff, customers and visitors refreshed and hydrated. With a large illuminated glass front, your machine will be stocked with a wide choice from all your favourite brands including, Coke, Pepsi, Lucozade, Rubicon, Tango, Drench and Monster energy drinks. For those who prefer the healthier options, we also have a great selection of bottled waters including still, sparkling and flavoured varieties and fruit juices. Our machines can be configured to suit your individual requirements and are available as can or bottle only, or a combination if preferred. Our cold drinks machines have cash, card or note payment options available.

Benefits of having cold drinks vending

Providing chilled refreshing drinks at the touch of a button, our range of cold drinks vending machines are ideally located within busy offices, leisure centres, schools, colleges and hotel lobby's. Machines are reliable, easy to use and their large illuminated glass fronts makes them visually appealing to all users. Offering up to 45 selections from the top brands; including ice cold cans and bottles, still and sparkling water, energy drinks and fruit juices. Our cold drinks machines are the perfect way to provide staff and customers with access to refreshing drinks 24/7.