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Our Vending Solutions

Coinadrink Limited supplies high-quality vending solutions to businesses across the West Midlands and immediate surrounding areas. We have over 60 years’ experience in tailoring our vending solutions to suit your requirements.

Whether you are looking for a solitary snacks vending machine in your manufacturing warehouse, or a range of fully operated vending machines for your staff canteen or breakout area, our team are happy to work with you to pinpoint the best option.

Modern-day vending solutions showcase widespread innovation that can deliver fresh bean coffee, tasty treats, healthier snacks and more to your workforce. They represent a fantastic employee perk that is wholly convenient, particularly if you select our highly regarded operated vending service.

With guarantees that you won’t find elsewhere, our vending solutions are sure to work for your business.

We are happy to help, discuss your options or answer any questions.

Every service.

From hot drinks to cold drinks, snacks to fresh food. Water and more!

Tailored solutions.

We listen to your requests before recommending the best option.

Your terms.

Rent or purchase. Take control or let us manage everything for you.

Go operated.

Our trusted operated service manages replenishment, maintenance and service.

Type of Vending Solutions

Modern-day vending solutions go beyond what you probably expect. Gone are the days when a vending machine would take your change only to then fail to dispense your desired item.

The industry has travelled a long way to make those frustrating days a distant memory. Cutting-edge technology is housed within sharp designs to deliver a premium experience, making vending solutions an excellent choice for those looking to offer quality refreshments on-site.

Vending Solutions Hot Drinks

Hot Drinks.

Our hot drinks machines can be enjoyed in two variations: tabletop and floorstanding. Which option will work for your business depends on your staff number, available space, and anticipated usage.

Hot drinks vending solutions start from simple pod and capsule tabletop machines, though can also deliver the true taste of the coffee shop with our fresh bean equipment that vend speciality coffee such as Americano, Café Latte and Flat White.

Some of our tabletop equipment goes a step further with fresh milk options. Touch screen user interfaces and contactless payments are just some of the advanced technology you can experience across the board.

Cold Drinks and Snacks.

If your business is looking for cold drinks and snacks, you can either enjoy a combi machine to save space or have two separate pieces of equipment that dispense each.

Just like with our hot drinks’ machines, vending solutions for cold drinks and snacks represent an excellent employee perk that are ideally placed in staff canteens and breakout areas. These machines are available in different capacities to suit your requirements, with chilled compartments inside.

Extensive innovation is emphasised everywhere you look, with the most recent advancements coming in the form of touch screen selection systems that allow the user to bulk buy products. All the expected payment systems are available.

Vending Solutions Cold Drinks Snacks
Vending Solutions Fresh Food

Fresh Food.

A fresh food vending machine is a great choice for businesses that want to keep their team on-site at lunch time without needing to utilise the services of a third-party contract caterer.

Fresh food vending machines are incredibly flexible to cater to the kind of products you want to provide, with lifestyle and dietary requests welcomed. They are robust and easy to use, which means grabbing a bite to it is effortlessly simple.

Fresh food vending solutions are ideal when experienced with our famed operated vending machine service, which you can learn more about further below.


Whether you consider a water cooler a vending solution or not, it remains an incredibly popular on-site refreshment solution for West Midlands businesses. It’s a great employee perk that also aids creativity through hydration.

We supply a variety of vending solutions through water coolers, including plumbed-in dispensers, bottled coolers, innovative tap systems and new boxed water coolers which lead the way in sustainability and hygiene.

Coinadrink offers a reliable service for our water equipment, including regular sanitisation and bottled water replenishment where applicable. This delivers refreshing hydration that’s beautifully clear and filtered.

Vending Solutions Water Coolers

Operated Vending Solutions

Operated vending solutions maximise the convenience of having vending as your on-site refreshment facility. Operated vending takes care of everything, so you don’t have to worry, including replenishment, maintenance, and service.

Coinadrink has provided fully operated vending solutions to businesses across the West Midlands and beyond since 1962. We operate floorstanding hot drinks machines, cold drinks machines, snacks and fresh food, the kind of equipment which is ideal for larger sites with a higher volume of staff.

Our operated service provides everything you expect with the addition of guarantees that you won’t find elsewhere.


Our replenishment is tailored to your usage. This means you don’t have to chase us for an operator to visit your site, it just happens automatically.

We can see which products are going through your machine in real time, so we know what needs restocking. This means we can reduce weight on our company vehicles which drives efficiency, reduces waste, and helps us reach our sustainable goals.

Automatic replenishment makes your vending solutions wholly convenient, leaving you to regain control of your working day knowing your on-site refreshment solution is fully managed.


Our vending solutions are cherry picked from a wide range of trusted suppliers for reliability, but if you do ever encounter faults or periods of downtime, you can rely on us to have you up, running and vending again in no time.

For a start, we make it incredibly simple to log a service call, whether you prefer the traditional method of calling in to our desk or utilising more advanced routes such as scanning the QR code on the front of your equipment.

From there, our field-based engineers, employed and trained directly by us, will be at your premises within 2 hours. This is the fastest service response time in the industry, with an average first-time fix rate of over 90%.

Maintenance and Hygiene.

In addition to service, our vending solutions are regularly maintained in order to ensure you continue to enjoy a premium experience.

It goes far beyond a simple clean when our operators visit your premises. Hot drinks customers with floorstanding machines can relax in the knowledge that all contact parts of your equipment are sanitised back on our own premises, using our own industry-standard equipment. We will replace them with already sanitised parts to minimise downtime.

No other vending operator in the country goes to these lengths with hygiene.

Additionally, our fresh food vending solutions are part of our own dedicated fresh food service. You can enjoy products in total peace of mind, thanks to our 5-star food hygiene rating being backed up by conforming to HACCP procedures.


Vending can be a minefield, so our vending solutions are backed up with your dedicated account manager and a pro-active customer care department.

From installation, we will set up a pre-agreed schedule for communication, whether that be over the phone or a face-to-face visit depending on your vending solutions and preference. This isn’t designed to be intrusive, it’s simply to make sure your vending experience is meeting your expectations.

A lot of vending operators effectively abandon you once you’re a customer, but here at Coinadrink we believe regular communication is key to building a positive relationship with the customer.

We are happy to help, discuss your options or answer any questions.

Other Vending Solutions.

For those who need more than just vending, our Express Refreshments division designs, creates and operators your very own Micro Market, a self-service convenience store for the workplace.

Great for larger sites in perhaps remote locations with limited access to shops and supermarkets, the Micro Market is a stunning employee perk that is becoming more and more popular for businesses across the West Midlands and beyond.

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