About Us

Coinadrink Limited has been providing a quality vending and refreshment service to businesses across the West Midlands and beyond since 1962.

We supply a huge variety of equipment from tabletop coffee machines and water coolers to fully managed vending machines and Micro Markets. We boast a huge pool of advanced equipment that is sure to suit your requirements, whether you’re looking for a solitary hot drinks solution for your reception desk or want vending to be central to a grand breakout area that puts employee wellbeing first.

Behind our equipment is a commitment to a quality, tailored vending service. Using technology combined with a personal touch to drive our operations, Coinadrink provides the kind of service that you won’t find elsewhere, from our automated replenishment process to the fastest service response time in the vending industry. Our team, many of whom have been with us for years, are committed to making vending work for your business.

For over 60 years Coinadrink has been the “go-to” for quality workplace vending and refreshment solutions in and around the West Midlands. Our services represent valuable employee perks, which in turn can boost staff wellbeing, enhance productivity, and drive staff retention.

In recent years we have also been able to cater to more unique requests. Thanks to the flexibility of our equipment, we have successfully fulfilled briefs for PPE vending machines, book vending machines, fresh milk vending machines and more!

A group of people toasting a cup of coffee at a vending machine.

Mission Statement.

We are in business to provide a service for hot and cold beverages, water, snacks, food & ancillary by whatever means are appropriate.


We will be a company that will deliver a consistent and reliable service. The product we sell will always be of good quality and at fair prices. Everybody who works in the company will think it is a good place to be and enjoy their work. We will recommended by our customers to their peers.


Our customers must be satisfied by our consistent and reliable service. We will always honour any commitment that we make to them so that our integrity will never be compromised.

Est. Over 60 Years

We’ve been serving drinks since in 1962..

100% Hassle Free

Let us take the hard work out of vending..

No 3rd Party Lease

All our equipment is financed by us ..

No Hidden Charges

Your peace of mind always guaranteed.

Stats About Coinadrink

over 560,000,000

hot beverages vended since 1962.

approx 1120

tons of hot chocolate!

that’s over 47

Olympic swimming pools of water!

  • 1962

    Coinadrink was born!

  • 1968

    Our first snack machine was installed


  • 1972

    We Introduced in-cup machines to our range

  • 1978

    Our food service went live

    Introducing a fully operated food service, installing our first food vending machine.


  • 1981

    We installed our first cold drinks vendor

  • 1991


  • 2007:

  • 2011

    Cafe Casa was launched

    Our Own Label Beverage Range.


  • 2013

  • 2018

    Over 560,000,000 drinks.

    This is how many drinks we have served.


  • 2020

    Cafe Casa relaunch.

    We overhauled our Cafe Casa brand to bring the luxury coffee shop experience further afield.

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