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Express Refreshments Micro Markets are unmanned, self-service convenience stores that are tailored to suit your workplace.

Micro Markets bring the store to you...

Micro Markets bring the store to you...
What is a Micro Market?

What is a Micro Market?

A Micro Market is the revolution in workplace refreshments, siting an unmanned convenience store in the heart of your workplace.

Coinadrink’s keen eye for innovation developed our very own Express Refreshments, which was responsible for the UK’s first Micro Market back in 2013! The Market is centralised around the wellbeing of your workforce, stocking products for the working day and beyond in a design that is tailored to suit your space and requirements. Payment is made using an advanced, cashless, self-service terminal, limiting the need for your staff to bring spare change into the workplace.

A huge choice of products

Micro Markets offer a number of advantages over traditional vending machines, with a much wider range of products available. Large fridges allow for a great selection of chilled goods, including fresh locally produced sandwiches, salads, wraps, yogurts, cold cans, bottled drinks and much more.

We recommend you opt for a bean-to-cup hot beverage machine so your staff can compliment their meal with delicious coffee shop style drinks.

“We keep a careful eye on popular products to always ensure your staff have access to their favourites, but regularly introduce new items so there is always something different to try.“

Simple and secure checkout

Every store includes one or more self-service touch-screen kiosks. We’ve put a lot of thought into their design to ensure they are the simplest checkouts you will ever use. Every product is clearly displayed and there are no annoying scales to juggle with. Just swipe, scan and go.

The kiosks feature our brilliant cashless payment system which means your staff will never need to worry about bringing spare change to work again. Users can easily top-up online, and track everything they have purchased. This means refunds can be issued swiftly and TopUp cards are easily replaced when lost, without anyone losing credit.

Installing your Micro Market

We start with an initial consultation to determine where your micro market will be located and which features you would like. We will then perform a full site survey to ensure everything can go ahead as planned. With this information we will create a final design which can feature your own corporate logos and branding if you wish. Once you are happy with everything, our shop-fitters will install the micro market and our team will fully stock the shelves ready for launch day.

Find out more…

If you think a Micro Market might be a good fit for your business, you can contact us using the form opposite or call us on 01922 640777 during office hours.