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Express Refreshments

Express Refreshments is a division of Coinadrink Ltd, meaning 55 years of experience and innovation has led to this moment. We have always strived to provide our customers with refreshments in a way that suits you, not the other way around. Such a bespoke, unorthodox idea does just that, offering refreshments that are simpler and safer to enjoy. The Micro Market is here.

Micro Market

So, what is a Micro Market?

In short, it’s the key to expert refreshments on demand. We have always had a vision that is parallel to positive industry changes, and that line of thinking brought us to develop our first Micro Market.

The Micro Market sites a like-for-like 'shop' in the workplace, giving your staff access to hot and cold drinks, food and snacks on demand. Browse just like you would in a traditional shop, and then head over to the self-service terminals to check out. This straightforward concept is cashless, meaning you never need to bring spare change to work again.

What's the fuss, and why do you need one?

The Micro Market encourages high productivity in the workplace, encouraging your staff to stay on site and purchase their refreshments quickly and easily. This means they will spend less time away for their desk, and takes the stress away from their break and allows them to relax. Fatigue can easily creep in during the working day, and taking appropriate time out will increase their wellbeing for the rest of the day ahead.

The Micro Market is easily installed by us, and we’re here for you every step of the way with professional and knowledgeable assistance. CCTV deters theft, whilst bespoke innovation ensures we know exactly what is proving popular, meaning your favourite treats are always topped up and readily available. You purchase your products using a handy Express Refreshments card, which can easily be topped up using our website.


“We recognise our business is built on the strength and wellbeing of our people and we believe a healthy work-life balance should form part of every working day, it is essential therefore our staff have the best facilities when they take time out to relax and unwind with colleagues over lunch.   Our new staff room enabled this and with the help from Coinadrink, we were able to provide a bespoke Micromarket for staff to purchase a wide range of fresh food, snacks and drinks at competitive prices.


Since the launch of the Micromarket, our staff no longer need to travel offsite to purchase food and snacks as Coinadrink regularly deliver a wide choice of products.  The online facility allows you to quickly and securely top up the card with cash so we will never go hungry!


Coinadrink were instrumental throughout the installation of the Micromarket and offered valuable and professional advice.  They continue to go the extra mile for us and we would not hesitate in recommending them.”

Stephen Shaylor – CEO