New Walkers Fusions soon to be in our snack machines!

While there is now a greater emphasis on healthier snacking, no emphasis has been lost on taste, and Walkers have managed to mix the two together to create a treat that’s incredibly moreish. What’s more, they’re soon to be in our snack machines

New Baked Fusions arrive with 50% less fat than that of regular potato crisps, so they will only add to the healthier options that we already offer for your workplace. Despite that, the know-how of Walkers also means they are bursting with flavour, and a fusion of different flavours are set to significantly heighten your snacking experience.

Soon to be available in both Tomato and Herb and Cheddar and Red Pepper flavour, Fusions only add to the big brands that we already offer. We’re happy to say that members of the Coinadrink team have tried them, so we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with them come lunch time.

Make sure you keep an eye out for them!

Cold cans and bottles to keep your workforce refreshed!

We are consistently emphasising the importance of keeping hydrated through a cold beverage in the workplace, and with the recent weather giving a pleasing indication of what summer could soon be like, never has it been more apparent.

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New Golden Wonder ‘Chippies’ pave a golden snacking experience.

Golden Wonder are a top brand that certainly live up to their name, and the history is just as rich as their flavours. Although it may not be of common knowledge to everybody, the company actually began 70 years ago in the small town of Stockbridge, Edinburgh…

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