A PPE vending machine from Coinadrink Limited is a safe and reliable way to store and provide PPE items.

PPE Vending Machines

PPE vending machines provide the means of addressing a number of Health and Safety challenges faced by companies and their managers. There is a legal requirement for employers to provide protective and related equipment to staff who may be exposed to personal risk in the workplace. Not only does failure to provide adequate PPE present a potential physical risk to employees (sometimes life threatening), it could lead to serious legal and financial consequences if a prosecution relating to alleged negligence results.

Many employers have seen the benefits of making equipment available through on-site PPE vending machines. PPE vending machines are particularly suitable for providing protective gloves, goggles, ear defenders, hi-vis jackets and much more. PPE vending machines provide the means for employers to monitor usage and access to the equipment. Systems are available to monitor provision of equipment at an individual level, which both enable the employer to demonstrate that equipment has been supplied, and also help prevent casual pilfering, a common problem for many businesses.

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How our PPE vending machines work.

  • PPE Vending Machines are ideal for either private or public locations.
  • Coinadrink don’t replenish the equipment, leaving you with the freedom and flexibility to restock when and what you want to.
  • Up to four different vending machines can be adapted to dispense PPE, with up to 46 selections available.

PPE Vending Machines provide total flexibility.

A PPE vending machine can be completely customised to stock a wide range of items, from safety gloves and eye protectors to ear defenders and high-visibility jackets. This is a totally unmanned solution to providing safety equipment on site 24 hours a day, thus both keeping your workforce safe and meaning you can satisfy your insurance obligations.

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PPE vending machines provide effortless stock control with Hi Contactless technology.

Effortless Stock Control

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a PPE vending machine is the ease in which you can keep control of your stock. Assign each team member their own exclusive fob and you can monitor who is taking what and, crucially, whether they’re taking the right amount.

  • Individual accounts for all members.

    Staff members use their exclusive fob, tied to their account, to dispense their PPE.

  • Real-time updates.

    When a selection is made, the reader records the vending machine number, time, date, employee reference, and the stock taken.

  • Powerful analytics.

    Fully audited/self-managed system that offers easy access to information regarding staff consumption both individually and across sites. This information is logged and retrievable should you need to access it at a later date.

Guaranteed to suit requirements.

Coinadrink can handle your company’s unique requirements with total ease. Talk to our team about the PPE you want to provide and sit back whilst we collaborate with our supplier to provide your fully tailored vending machine with every detail meticulously covered.

Orchestra PPE vending machine

Did you know? – one survey found that PPE usage dropped between 25% and 60% after installation of a PPE vending machine, without any correlating reduction in its proper use. (Creative Safety Supply)

There are so many benefits of having a PPE vending machine on site.

Benefits Of PPE Vending Machines

Easy monitoring

Automatically monitors PPE stock levels and item usage.

Cut costs

Significantly reduces the risk of unaccountable equipment – potentially saving massive costs.

Meet your obligations

Enables employers to effectively demonstrate they are meeting health and safety obligations to staff by providing easy access to PPE.

Position anywhere

Machines can be situated in workshops or close to point of use.

24/7 access

Continual, 24/7 access to PPE for workers – no staff required.

Powerful analytics

Accurate stock control, powerful reporting, and analytics. See where your equipment is going in real-time.

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We are happy to help, discuss your options or answer any questions.

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