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Water Boilers

For those who are looking for an alternative way to make their hot drinks, Coinadrink’s water boilers provide filtered boiling water on demand.

We are a trusted West Midlands supplier of the Instanta water boiler which provide cutting edge features to provide boiling water quickly and safely. The Instanta water boiler is ideal if you want to make your own tea or coffee and are a great alternative to the kettle, which is comparatively slower, less hygienic and more costly.

Unlike the kettle, our water boilers provides instant boiling water at the flick of a switch. Pre-heated water is stored in a stainless steel design, which makes them much more efficient than constantly flicking the kettle as and when you need it.

Our water boilers are available in a variety of sizes to suit any working environment and they are easy to install, use and clean.

If vending isn’t for you and you would rather make your own hot drinks at work, a water boiler from Coinadrink Limited is an excellent option. Enjoy ongoing maintenance with industry leading hygiene standards.

We are happy to help, discuss your options or answer any questions.

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Boiling water safely delivered.

If you’re in the hospitality industry or are looking to make your own hot drinks in the workplace, our water boilers are an excellent solution.

They deliver boiling water at the flick of a switch, perfect to make a delicious cup of coffee or tea. Coffee shops may see particular benefits in having a water boiler for those who want hot beverage that isn’t coffee, for example.

Water boilers pre-heat the water so that it’s always available. Accidental scalding is prevented from the safety switch, the user is required to activate the switch twice in order to dispense. This instant and safe delivery makes water boilers incredibly convenient and efficient. No need to wait for the kettle to boil, just add your tea bag or instant coffee and enjoy.

And with Coinadrink’s unrivalled sanitisation procedure that is available with our water boilers, this is a completely hassle-free to enjoy boiling water on demand.

Learn more about our range below.

Water boilers from Coinadrink deliver boiling water on demand, safely.
Hygiene standards deliver peace of mind with our water boilers.

A worry free experience with your water boiler.

The correct sanitisation of water equipment is vital. All water boilers from Coinadrink receive the same attention to detail as our water coolers, which means ongoing maintenance and sanitisation for complete peace of mind. On every visit to your premises, which is tailored to your usage and pre-agreed with you, we will descale your water boiler and change the filter. This is in addition to sanitisation standards that are bespoke to us.

Service with a smile.

Coinadrink delivers high quality refreshments through any means possible and we boast nearly six decades of experience in knowing what is the right fit for you. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your water boiler will be recommended to you from our expert team. We promise to provide ongoing customer support that is unrivalled elsewhere, such as a pro-active customer care department and regular maintenance.

Unrivalled customer support with our water boilers.

We are happy to help, discuss your options or answer any questions.

A water boiler delivers more benefits than the kettle.

The benefits of a water boiler.

A water boiler carries so many benefits from Coinadrink Limited. It’s no wonder so many people choose a water boiler as a way to make their hot drinks in the workplace.


Your water boilers keeps the water at the right temperature, so it’s always ready to go.


Water boilers have a safety switch, so you can’t accidentally scald yourself. Phew!


A water boiler boils the water and then keeps it at the right temperature, so it’s greater value than using the kettle.


A water boiler provides clean water, and hygiene is only backed up by our own sanitisation standards.

Our Range Of Water Boilers

Our water boilers guarantee premium quality and reliability. View each variant of our Instanta water boilers by clicking on the one below.

We are happy to help, discuss your options or answer any questions.

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