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The logo for the tfm 23 awards.

Our Micro Market has been nominated as a finalist in The Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2023!

How does the Micro Market work?

The Micro Market is designed to be simple. Express Refreshments design, create and manage your Micro Market for you, delivering a hassle-free refreshment service you can rely on for your business.

We partner with you for every step of the process, so your Micro Market can be made completely personal to you. We will then keep favourite products topped up so you won’t need to lift a finger, leaving your team to enjoy the market 24/7. Payments are made using an advanced self-service terminal that’s cashless.

We are happy to help, discuss your options or answer any questions.

How does the Micro Market work for your business?
Our team will work to understand your Micro Market requirements.

We will work with you to understand your requirements.

We will transform your available space into your very own Micro Market.

Our team will start to transform your available space.

micro market solution

Enjoy your very own refreshment hub, with ongoing replenishment.

Pay for your items using an advanced cashless, self-service payment terminal.

Take advantage of a self-service, cashless payment terminal.

No hidden costs.

We promise to be always open and honest with you.

Install dates maintained.

We will provide an install date and always keep you up to date if anything changes.

Excellent customer support.

We pride ourselves on providing unrivalled customer support for peace of mind.

As little or as large as you want.

Micro Markets are naturally best suited to larger workplaces in perhaps remote locations, with 50+ staff on site. But whilst they represent a modern day alternative to the traditional canteen, the Micro Market doesn’t have to be large scale.

In fact, your Micro Market can be whatever size you want it to be. Go small with a single fridge and a few shelves, or add a fresh bean coffee machine if that’s what you want to offer your staff.

We design the Micro Market to be personal to you, so it can be whatever you want it to be right the way up to a fully fledged canteen replacement.

Micro Market Designs
Bespoke Micro Markets

Totally personal. Totally yours.

There is no workplace refreshment solution that is as personal as the Micro Market. A modern day refreshment solution needs showing off, and with your own corporate colours and branding that’s exactly what you can do.

Amaze your clients and visitors and emphasise that you’re a company that cares for your hard working team. This is your Micro Market and not one ever looks the same to another.

Just another one of the benefits that you will not find elsewhere.

Initial design…

After understanding your requirements, our IT team will put together a “mock up” of what your Micro Market will look like. From here, you can get a better idea of your creation and request any changes to be made if you’re not happy.

Your design. Your Micro Market!

We will firstly create a mockup of your Micro Market.

We are happy to help, discuss your options or answer any questions.

Installing your Micro Market

We will then perform a full site survey to ensure everything can go ahead as planned. Once you are happy with how everything is going to look, our team will get on with creating your dream Micro Market and we will keep you updated along the way with install dates with honest transparency from the very beginning. Before long, you will be enjoying your very own Micro Market.

Enjoying your Micro Market.

Your Micro Market delivers genuine vending innovation that you have to see – and try – to believe. And now you can! From launch day, your Micro Market is ready to experience. It represents an advanced employee benefit that helps boost wellbeing, relationships and productivity, shining a positive light on company culture. Choose from a huge collection of refreshments available 24 hours a day, including hot and cold drinks, fresh food, snacks and more, taking advantage of regular discounts and promotions!

Paying in your Micro Market.

Your Micro Market utilises an advanced, cashless, self-service payment terminal that makes checkout a breeze. Running on bespoke software that only our Micro Market customers can experience, we have designed our payment terminals to be smart, simple and secure. Swipe your Express Refreshments card, scan your products, before paying using that same card, your credit/debit card or smart device. The choice is yours. The terminal will also show you how much money you have left on your card as well as purchasing habits.

We are happy to help, discuss your options or answer any questions.

What sort of products can I enjoy?

Fresh food is available in your Micro Market.

Freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, wraps, pies, pasta pots and more.

A variety of crisps, confectioner and snacks in your Micro Market.

Crisps, confectionery, fruit, cereal bars and other tasty snacks.

micro market near me

Coffee shop quality hot drinks from your very own bean to cup coffee machine!

Cold cans, bottles, milkshakes and more in your Micro Market.

A collection of cold cans and bottles including fizzy drinks, energy drinks, juice and water.

The Micro Market helps your team eat healthier.

Healthier products available!

We understand that the modern world is placing a growing emphasis on healthier eating and healthier products. That’s why we can make such items available in your Micro Market, including breakfast bars, low calorie snacks and drinks and fresh fruit and salads.

Meticulous food hygiene standards.

Hygiene is important. Now more than ever. Not only is the Micro Market one of the most hygienic on-site refreshment solutions around, but our food hygiene standards leave nothing to chance: our protocols go far beyond a 5-star rating. All freshly prepared items are temperature checked at each stage of the cycle to ensure of food safety, whilst our fridges will auto lock if the temperature increases above the required level.

Your Micro Market benefits from industry leading hygiene standards.
Product requests in your Micro Market are always welcomed.

Product requests welcomed…

Through our bespoke replenishing software, we can see which products are proving popular in your market and keep them topped up accordingly. We are also happy to take requests and will do our best to cater to your requirements!

Example Stores.

We have installed a variety of Micro Markets that are each tailored to our customers’ preferences. What would your ideal Micro Market look like?

Turn it into something bigger…

The Micro Market can be the foundation for your very own breakout area, an environment made for your hard-working staff. We design and create your breakout area for you, with the facilities you desire.

Running a smaller operation?

For those who are looking for something smaller, why not explore our vending division equipped with hot and cold drinks, fresh food, snacks and water?

Where would you like to go next?

We are happy to help, discuss your options or answer any questions.

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