Our Hygiene Standards

At Coinadrink we take hygiene extremely seriously and all of our equipment benefits from high standards. In addition to doing all that you would expect of us, we push the boundaries to distance ourselves from the competition. And thanks to real-time monitoring, we remain pro-active in what is a vital area. We never rest on our laurels. When you choose Coinadrink as your vending supplier, you choose a company that works hard for your peace of mind.

Below are the hygiene procedures we have in place to ensure your equipment is clean, safe and enjoyable to use at all times.

A hallway with a mural of coffee and other items that adheres to hygiene standards.
ISO 45001 accredited.

ISO 45001 accredited.

Coinadrink was one of the UK’s first companies to be ISO 45001 accredited for occupational health and safety. The accreditation is awarded to organisations who display real commitment in improving employee safety and reducing workplace risks. It is an accreditation that is a risk-based approach to consider every eventuality, but our pro-active nature in this field means we leave no stone unturned. This includes hygiene, to which is an important aspect that should always be at the front of your mind when selecting your vending supplier.

Bespoke sanitisation procedures.

This is a key aspect that proudly sets Coinadrink apart from the competition. As part of our operated service on our floor standing hot drinks machines, our customers benefit from regular maintenance of their equipment courtesy of our specially trained operators. All contact parts of your equipment are taken away to be sanitised using our unique sterilisation facilities here on our premises, and they are exchanged with clean, sanitised parts to reduce downtime. Not one of our competitors does this. Our operators must also follow our own detailed procedures that you can view here, and this extends across our water dispensers, too.

Bespoke sanitisation process.

Auditing to keep our standards high.

As you can tell, we are very thorough and leave no stone unturned. But how do we maintain such high hygiene standards? The “Coinadrink Way” consists of regular audits to ensure our operators are following the detailed training plans they received upon starting their role. This is backed up by our own unique software that informs us of any errors in real time, allowing us to remain pro-active in correcting them. Our operators are informed of any areas they could improve upon, with tailored training then provided. Because when hygiene is so important, we want to do all we can.

Our food hygiene – more than just 5 stars.

Coinadrink has a 5-star food hygiene rating for our fresh-food service. But as with everything we do, we push this even further to provide more than you’d expect. Coinadrink have rigorous procedures in place ensuring of food safety from when we take delivery of items to when they are placed in your vending machine. This follows the well-respected HACCP procedure, but is tailored to the way we work. Thorough temperature probing is carried out at all stages, including in our temperature controlled vans and machines. Should the environment dip below eight degrees Celsius for too long, all high-risk items are appropriately discarded of.

5-Star Food Hygiene

Our contactless vending equipment.

Vending remains a safe entity for the provision of food and drink but if you want added reassurance, Coinadrink now supplies contactless vending machines and water dispensers. This technology eliminates the need to interact directly with your equipment, therefore maximising hygiene. They are particularly ideal for larger sites with a high footfall and will deliver peace of mind both now and for the future.

Purezone takes peace of mind the next level!

In addition to our range of contactless equipment, Coinadrink Limited is now offering Purezone technology with a variety of our existing vending machines.

Purezone is an antimicrobial film that reduces the presence of a variety of bacteria and viruses. It does this by utilising reactive silver ions to inhibit the environment that they would usually thrive in. Best of all, it works continuously and doesn’t require the user to change the way they use their equipment.

Available for current and prospective customers now.

Purezone antimicrobial film works with a variety of Coinadrink vending machines to deliver a more hygienic experience.

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