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Our Micro Market has been nominated as a finalist in The Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2023!

What are the benefits of the Micro Market?

The Micro Market introduces a modern workplace refreshment solution that is built on advanced innovation. This means it can deliver unrivalled benefits for both your team and business that simply cannot be matched elsewhere.

Workplace wellbeing is a key aspect of the Micro Market, helping to keep your team comfortable, motivated and productive with their very own workplace convenience store. And because the Micro Market is still years ahead of its time, more benefits just keep on appearing.

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Benefits of a Micro Market
The Micro Market can improve workplace wellbeing and relationships.

Boost the wellbeing of your workforce.

The Micro Market can help keep your team happy, motivated and productive.

Improve the productivity of your team.

Retain and attract star talent with the Micro Market.

Shine a positive light on workplace culture.

The Micro Market represents greater value than alternative options.


  • Greater value than alternative options.

    And yes, that does include the traditional workplace canteen!

  • A truly all-in-one package.

    No third party companies. You deal with us from start to finish.

  • Unmanned.

    You don’t need to employ anyone to assume day to day control.

24/7 Availability.

  • Absolutely no down time!

    Because the market is unmanned, three are no opening and closing hours.

  • Great for shift patterns!

    The Micro Market offers refreshments around the clock!

  • Reduce people on site.

    The Micro Market is there for those looking to reduce the amount of people on site at once during and after Covid-19.

micro market business benefits
Micro Market staff wellbeing

Keep staff on site.

  • Keep staff happy.

    Who wants to be heading off site into the cold and/or wet weather for refreshments?

  • Stick to allocated break times.

    Forcing your staff off site to the corner shop or coffee shop means they may exceed their allocated break time.

  • Keep your team safe.

    Don’t risk your team coming into contact with the outside world when they don’t need to.


  • Pre-packaged items.

    Provide a welcome layer of protection.

  • Stagger break times.

    24/7 availability means staff don’t have to go for their break times at once and the design makes it easy to social distance.

  • Cashless payments.

    Eliminate the need to come into contact with the germs that lie on coins and notes.

he Micro Market is arguably the most hygienic workplace refreshment solution.
micro market employee wellness

Workplace Wellbeing.

  • Grab and go, or relax.

    All items are pre-packaged to grab and go, or relax in your breakout area with colleagues.

  • Take a break.

    The Micro Market can form part of a breakout area.

  • Improve working relationships.

    Encourage a meaningful break time and strengthen working relationships.

Healthier Eating.

  • Get your five a day!

    Your Micro Market stocks a variety of fruits and salads.

  • Low sugar and calorie products.

    Including snacks, on-the-go food and cold drinks.

  • Nutritious products.

    Including breakfast bars, snack bars and protein bars.

micro market healthier eating
The Micro Market keeps staff motivate and productive.

Workplace Productivity.

  • Limited distractions.

    Grab-and-go back to your desk with pre-packaged products.

  • Fuel for your day.

    An unrivalled amount of products that provide the fuel you need.

  • Keep morale high.

    Showing you care for your teams’ wellbeing keeps them happy and motivated, which in turn boosts productivity.

Example Stores.

We have installed a variety of Micro Markets that are each tailored to our customers’ preferences. What would your ideal Micro Market look like?

Turn it into something bigger…

The Micro Market can be the foundation for your very own breakout area, an environment made for your hard-working staff. We design and create your breakout area for you, with the facilities you desire.

Running a smaller operation?

For those who are looking for something smaller, why not explore our vending division equipped with hot and cold drinks, fresh food, snacks and water?

Where would you like to go next?

We are happy to help, discuss your options or answer any questions.

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