Vending Furniture Solutions

Coinadrink Limited now proudly provides vending furniture for your equipment, as a way to enhance the vending experience for you and your team.

Vending has significantly developed over the years to the point where it has become a destination for your workforce and visitors. Whether it is a hot drinks machine or a fresh food machine, a vending machine is a great way to keep your workforce refreshed throughout the day. And when vending machines and coffee machines are so important to our wellbeing and productivity, it makes sense to grace them with due care and attention.

Our range of vending furniture includes vending surrounds, base units and refreshment breakout areas. Vending furniture can be as compact or as grand as you require, and we can provide everything from slender cabinets to fully fledged canteen interiors. Vending furniture adds to the overall vending experience and transforms your equipment into something you never thought possible. It helps encourage meaningful break times and can raise the profile of your business. With catering solutions tailored to suit you, your dream and your vision can become a reality.

A vending machine or coffee machine is one thing. Embed your equipment within its vending furniture and you enter a totally new world.

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What is available?

  • Refreshment Breakout Areas

  • Vending Surrounds

  • Coffee Stations

  • Water and Rinser Units

  • Recycling Units

  • And Much More!

A vending machine with seating options.
Vending furniture delivers an enhanced vending experience.

A whole world of possibilities…

Vending and coffee machines are now a common site in workplaces, thanks to their convenience and quality of the end product. Your staff and visitors use them everyday, so why not transform them into a destination?

Our range of vending furniture covers everything from coffee stations to fully fledged canteen interiors. They can simply provide a base cabinet for your coffee machine and supplies, or deliver a location where your team can relax during break times or hold meetings.

With personalised branding encouraged, vending furniture significantly raises the profile of your business and leaves a lasting impression.

Vending furniture personalised to you…

  • Dimensions

  • Purpose

  • Branding

  • Design and Colours

A colorful vending machine.

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A closer look at our range…

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