Coffee Stations and More!

A coffee station, or base unit, maximises the profile of your coffee machine and supplies. With advanced technology hidden within strong designs that really catch the eye, modern day coffee machines deserve intense recognition. And a coffee station really does it justice.  

A coffee station is a one-stop environment for the complete hot drinks experience. Designed for tabletop coffee machines, the coffee station houses both the machine and the ancillaries. This makes a coffee station a neat way to provide coffee shop quality beverages and the well-received coffee shop experience. They can be as grand or as minimal as you want, and personalised to your tastes. 

Also available here is a variety of units that cater to different requirements. These include coffee carts, condiment units, water and rinser units and recycling stations. All are tailored to what you require and each provide a great way to both store and enhance your refreshment facilities.

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Coffee Carts.

From exhibition stands to larger canopy stands, coffee have you covered! We are working hard to produce premium, high-quality vending coffee carts specially made for you! These carts are reliable and deliver high quality coffee and supplies on-the-go around the workplace, especially if you fit the optional casters.

These creatively designed coffee carts can also incorporate electrics, water, waste and storage. The units consist of a simple design which then allows ingredients or products to be stored in an organised, uncluttered way. There is a generous workspace for baristas and room for machines and accessories too.

These hot drinks carts can also be designed with graphics and brand names, so the choices are limitless. 

Coffee Towers.

Coffee towers, also referred to as “coffee bars”, are a grand way to house everything you need for the complete coffee experience. Put simply, they are perfect for those who love coffee.

Coffee towers are built around your vending equipment and provide a one-stop shop when you’re in need of a break. The visual design looks fantastic and really enhances not only your equipment, but your environment, too. Coffee Towers house everything including coffee cups and ancillaries. You can even fit a recycling unit into your coffee tower to sustainably discard of rubbish.

With custom materials, shapes and finishes, we can make your visions a reality. The possibilities are almost endless.

A coffee machine and a vending machine next to each other.
An image of a wooden coffee machine with a red background.

Condiment Units.

Condiments make your hot drinks what they are today! But they can be small, fiddly and somewhat messy if you don’t keep them organised. Condiment units do exactly that and provide an impressionable open space where you can store everything you need. 

Condiment units are designed to store everything from stirrers and napkins to sugar sticks and milk pots. They can even hold coffee syrups to help deliver the true coffee shop experience to your team. Condiment units do not contain the coffee machine itself, but there are more businesses looking for an efficient solution to store supplies and accessories. This makes our units a great option! They are brilliant for fast-paced environments.

 As an added bonus, these condiment units are created from eco-friendly materials and can be personalised to your tastes. 

Water Stations and Rinser Units.

A great way to minimise the negative effect on our planet is to reuse our cup or mug. A rinser unit is a quick and efficient way to rinse cups and eliminates the drama of the dishwasher and all that it entails. 

Larger units are often referred to as water units, or even “hydration stations”. They are a great source of clean, cool drinking water that keeps you and your team hydrated during working hours. And if you’re really looking to reduce your carbon footprint, water units can actually help encourage the use of reusable cups, glasses and bottles. Meticulously arranged on the optional shelving, the user is invited to wash their glass up before replacing and reusing it.  

As always with these catering solutions, water and rinser units can be personalised the way you see fit.  

A water station with a bottle of water and a bottle of water.
A wooden trash can with a red background.

Recycling Units.

Recycling units, or eco stations, shine a positive light on your company culture and show you’re a forward-thinking business that cares about our planet. Recycling units encourage the recycling of your coffee cups and ancillaries but do so in a refreshing way. You certainly can’t accuse them of being boring! 

Recycling units are slender enough to fit into the tightest of spaces, yet with their personalised designs they are made to be noticed. Your recycling unit is custom created to accommodate a variety of sustainable materials, including plastic, glass and paper. They are simple yet effective addition to your coffee machine or vending machine.

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, never before has recycling been so personal and effortless.  

Have a question about coffee stations and units? We’d be happy to help as soon as possible!

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