It’s ‘Get To Know Your Customers Day’, so here’s what we do.

‘Get to know your customer’s day’ is something that always catches our eye. Our customers are extremely important to us at Coinadrink, and their trust means everything to us. We work hard to satisfy their demands with quality refreshments, and pledge to offer a standard of service that goes beyond the norm. It’s just one of the reasons why we’ve enjoyed 55 years of unparalleled success, but we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve. Customer service doesn’t stand still, which means neither do we.

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We’re on the countdown to party night. Are you ready?

Get your calendars out, because we’re excited to say that party night is now just 10 days away! New Year has started with a bang, and everyone has been working hard to ensure that the evening in question will be a great night for all. As you’re aware, party night is a celebration of our 55th birthday, and is a sign of our gratitude to our staff, suppliers and customers. Without each and every one, Coinadrink would not have enjoyed such longevity, and certainly wouldn’t have experienced such success.

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The vending machine with a heart for the homeless.

Throughout our history, we have seen vending progress to admirable lengths. Never more so, however, than when the world’s first vending machine was created for homeless people. Installed in Nottingham last month, the machine dispenses key items such as water, fresh fruit, soap, toothpaste and books. Whilst the technology behind it isn’t anything revolutionary, it’s the generosity behind the idea that has sparked attention. The Guardian are just one of the institutions to report on the hot topic…

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Ending the year on a charitable note.

Every year we tie our name to some excellent organisations, and 2017 has seen us work with both Acorns Children’s Hospice and Just Small Change. As the year winds down, it’s pleasing to receive some positive feedback about just how far our efforts have travelled, and the latest recognition comes all the way from Kenya courtesy of Just Small Change.

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