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Just Small Change

We are donating for every water bottle sold to support Just Small Change. Their mission is to give business opportunities to the very poor in developing countries.

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Our Partnership

Just Small Change is a microfinance charity, supporting businesses in developing countries. By providing small scale loans, saving schemes and business training they enable individuals to start small businesses to build a pathway out of poverty.

This brilliant scheme, contributes to economic development in poor countries. An individual with a regular income can meet their own daily needs, including food, school fees, books and uniform, basic healthcare services and housing allowing them the opportunity to achieve a life free from poverty with dignity and purpose.

We support Just Small Change in their objective to finance small businesses in developing countries. This is a successful project; following three six-month loans most borrowers have saved enough to no longer require microfinance. The funds are then recycled to a new borrower.

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How we help

Coinadrink pledge to donate a portion of our bottled water sales to the organisation. With each donation, we are giving individuals in some of the poorest parts of the world a chance to enjoy a respectful life, and we’re proud to be part of such an excellent charity.

Our Progress

Ladies For a Better Life.

We have previously supported the Ladies For a Better Life group, who were residing in the Western region of Kenya. Ladies For a Better Life helped six women escape poverty through making a success of their own business, and just one of the positive stories was that of Carolyne Anyango. With the Kshs 20,000 loan received from Just Small Change, she can now afford to feed all her children three meals a day and pay their school fees.

Focussed Ladies.

From there, we then supported Focussed Ladies. Similarly to Ladies for a Better Life, Focussed Ladies provided a path for African women to escape poverty, and we’ve picked out Jane Achieng Otiu as one of the successful stories. With the Kshs 25,000 loan she was granted she can also provide all of her children with three meals and education.

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We now support the OLPS project, which supports the residents of Kisumu in Kenya. Kisumu is highly regarded to be one of the poorest parts of the world and is severely affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. OLPS has made a valued difference. Clients’ income has seen an improvement, as has areas such as mentoring and training.

Keziah and Charles is one of the most heart-warming stories. The couple are married and have a one year old son named Gerry. Previous to the help of OLPS, the pair were struggling to make ends meet from Charles’ business riding a bicycle taxi, but now profits are booming from a different trade making rosaries and bead necklaces.

To learn more, read our latest blog on the charity blog on the charity!

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