Take a trip down memory lane with Roger Williams!

February 2017 saw us celebrate our 55th birthday, and this incredible achievement has been just reward for hard work and a great customer-centric attitude right from the word go.

Owner Roger Williams has been at the helm the whole time, and has continually maintained a forward-thinking attitude to provide you with the very best vending experience. We have a range of dedicated departments committed to each and every aspect of your service, from our friendly and helpful operators re-stocking the machines, to our all-knowledgeable engineers helping you with any problems. When you purchase or rent one of our products, we’re here for you throughout your entire contract, showing why we’re more than just a vending company.

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Gourmet Chocolate from Cocoa Loco now available!

Most chocoholics will agree that all forms of chocolate are hard to ignore, but that doesn’t mean that some brands aren’t tastier than others. Cocoa Loco’s delicious efforts have quickly propelled them towards the top of the tree, and now you can enjoy their handmade gourmet range almost anywhere thanks to our Refreshment Shop!

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New Tyrells Crisps – Coming to a machine near you shortly!

Coinadrink have been providing your hungry workplace with sumptuous snacks for years. Crisps, cakes or breakfast bars, you can be sure that we cater to every mouth, but we’re always striving to keep adding to your machine.

In just a few weeks, we’re excited to announce that there’ll be two more additions to our range. Tyrells have been producing hand cooked British crisps for just over 15 years, and taste has been at the top of the agenda right from the beginning.

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Roger Williams Shares His Vending Memories

Coinadrink has been in business for 55 years and to mark this magical milestone, MD and Founder Roger Williams agreed to go in front of the cameras to share some of his memories. We cut them into bite-size segments: you can watch them in any order. Enjoy!

Foreword, by Roger Williams

When we opened for business, Harold Macmillan was PM and according to him, ‘we’d never had it so good’. I suppose he had a point: inflation was low, at just 1.1% and pretty much everybody was in work. The average price of a house was £2,670 – although such a sum would have bought you something pretty impressive in Walsall – and the average wage was £799 a year. A pint of milk cost 1/4d (that’s 6.5p in ‘new’ money!) and a pint in the pub would set you back 2/4d, (11.5p).

The best selling record of the year was Frank Ifield, yodelling ‘I Remember You.’ It was September before anybody had heard of a group of scruffs from Liverpool calling themselves ‘The Beatles’.

And, whilst all of that was going on, we began to build our business…

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