Snack on premium quality with Coinadrink.

We all think about snacks at some point, now even more so on the back of National Snack Day last Sunday. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, Coinadrink have always made them easily accessible through our practical range of snack machines, and we’ve extended the options with the arrival of our Micro Market back in 2013. We understand the importance of workplace refreshments and have done throughout our entire history, and our snack machines are a great option for a mid-morning treat or part of your lunch time meal.

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Can we count on your vote for the FM Awards 2018?

You may remember that back in October, we announced the exciting news that our Micro Market had been nominated for the Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2018. Tomorrow’s FM is a great way to keep you updated with everything that goes on the Facilities Management industry either through magazine or online, and regularly highlights fresh innovation that aims to make the working day more productive for employees. We were absolutely delighted to hear that our Micro Market had caught the eye a few months back, and we are now equally as excited to say that voting has officially commenced. Our Micro Market will be going up against other standout products and services from the previous year, so can we count on your vote?

How to vote…

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As we wind down for Christmas, here’s our best bits from 2017…

As 2017 winds down and we prepare to finish for the Christmas period, we thought it’d be a good idea to look back at the year, which was the 55th one in Coinadrink’s extensive history. A lot has happened here at our company, and it has meant that we go into 2018 with particularly high hopes. So, settle down, and enjoy a bit of a recap…

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‘Tis the season for expert refreshments!

We reckon your employees are on the good list this year. They work hard for your company, and ensure it remains appealing to your clients and visitors. Isn’t it time you showed your appreciation? The festive season is the perfect opportunity to show your gratitude in the best way possible, and we have a few ideas. Ideas that you can unbox now, yet enjoy for months and years to come…

You can’t put a price on quality refreshments. The ability to visit the vending machine in your workplace whenever you desire is underestimated, and you’ll soon wonder how you ever did without. It limits the need to head off site for your break in potentially poor conditions, and increases morale for the rest of the day ahead. This is just as important for the employer and it is for the employee, as you’ll see a notable rise in their productivity level.

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