Premium Equipment.

When workplace refreshments are this important, we don’t cut corners. Coinadrink is not tied down to any particular supplier, so we are in the best position to select the very best vending equipment to add to our range. Poor quality equipment will inevitably lead to downtime and cause higher costs on our part, so it’s in our best interests as well as the customers to provide equipment that will run seamlessly for years to come whether it be new or refurbished.

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Premium Recommendations.

Vending isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ service and we always take time to establish our customers’ unique requirements prior to making our recommendations. Over 57 years’ experience means that our advice stems from extensive knowledge, so you can rely on us to get it right every time. Installation is carried out on a day that best suits you, during a time that causes minimum disruption to you and your staff.

Premium Maintenance.

Our service plan comes complete with full maintenance for your vending machine. Our operators regularly visit your workplace to clean and replenish, and this is backed up by annual audits to ensure nothing is missed. Additionally, we are proud to say that we were the first UK vending company to sanitise all contact parts of your machine back on our site, which minimises downtime and ensures your equipment is being cleaned to the highest standard.

We can clean and maintain your machine as part of our service to you.
Vending Machine Services

Premium Service.

If issues ever do occur we are proud to say that we hold a 2 hour response time thanks to our field based engineers, who are always in the best position to respond. We are proud to say that 2017 saw our average respond time stand at just 58 minutes, so we often have you up, running and vending in no time! Our specialist customer care team regularly check in with you to see whether there is anything you wish to discuss, so you are always in safe hands with Coinadrink.

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