Vending Surrounds

Vending surrounds are one of the most widely used modular systems around the UK. They are designed to accommodate, promote and enhance all your vending and refreshment equipment 

Vending surrounds provide premium graphics and designs to optimise the workplace refreshment solutions in your workplace. They can be tailored to suit your requirements with corporate colours and branding and are a great way to promote the use of vending machines.

There are five different types of vending surrounds and they are all what are known as “Operandi” variations. Operandi comes from the Latin word, Modus Operandi, and means “the usual way of doing something special”! Each Operandi variation covers all types of vending surrounds from simple and small to grand and well equipped. 

Vending surrounds can accommodate up to 4 machines, delivering a professional selection of quality refreshments in one convenient location. As an added bonus, they are also incredibly robust and help reduce the risk of vandalism.

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Vending surrounds from Coinadrink Limited help to protect and enhance your equipment.
A vending machine with a variety of drinks.

A personalised approach to vending.

Vending surrounds not only protect your equipment. They also promote it. Vending machines are fast becoming a key indication of a company culture that prioritises the health and happiness of employees, so shout about it!

These stylish furnishings are a simple way to show you care for your team. They also transform your vending equipment into a refreshment destination, particularly when you house more than one machine within the surround. It’s a great way to encourage higher usage of your machines.

And with personalised designs consisting of corporate colours and branding, they will be sure to create a big impression on your visitors and clients. Vending surrounds will always catch the eye, as they do when you see them in public locations such as airports and exhibition centres.

Keeps your equipment well-protected.

Is your vending equipment situated outdoors or in a busy, public environment? Whilst looking fantastic, vending surrounds also double as extra security for your machines.

The anodised aluminium post means these vending surrounds are robust enough to cope with the everyday use of vending machines, whilst also stopping any unwanted movement. It also helps reduce any potential vandalism, ensuring your machines are kept safer for longer.

This delivers complete peace of mind and ensures that your machines always looked as good as they did the first day you had them.

A vending machine with a variety of drinks.
A vending machine with different types of drinks.

Benefits of vending surrounds. At a glance.

  • Shine a positive light on company culture.

  • Encourage use of your equipment.

  • Transform your equipment into a location.

  • Promote your business.

  • Advertise special offers or new products.

  • Help protect your machines.

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