Refreshment Breakout Areas

Refreshment areas are extremely important for staff wellbeing, especially when trying to keep employee morale high. Refreshment breakout areas, or vending break out areas, are a great option to promote the benefits.

Refreshment breakout areas are ideal for when employees need some time away from distractions. Something so simple will help to revitalise staff whilst they enjoy refreshments from their machine. These seated, enclosed spaces alongside your vending equipment can charge electronic items too, which also makes them ideal for team or client meetings.

And they can be as small or as large as you want them to be, with endless design options to make it truly yours. Add a seating area to your coffee station housing your tabletop machine, or opt for a fully fledged canteen interior that your entire workforce can take advantage of.

You can make your refreshment solutions look completely professional in ways like never before.

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Refreshment breakout areas are one of the most popular forms of vending furniture.
A booth with a bar and a machine that says recharge on the go.

All work. And play.

Refreshment breakout areas are also a great location to host team or client meetings. They’ll definitely leave the right impression with their personalised designs that make everything feel a little friendlier and more informal. Not to mention that the optional charging points for laptops and smartphones make meetings as easy as if you were in the boardroom!

The primary purpose of a refreshment breakout area is precisely that, however they also provide a quiet enclosed space for your team to wind down and recharge their batteries, either alone or together.

Your vending equipment gets used everyday and a refreshment breakout area encourages the user to make the most of the refreshment facilities without ever needing to leave site. This is important as shows that you care about the impact your workplace has on staff, whilst also encouraging your team to engage with colleagues.

Benefits of refreshment breakout areas. At a glance.

  • Promotes a more meaningful break.

  • Boosts staff engagement.

  • Keeps workspaces tidy.

  • Encourages the use of vending equipment.

  • Promotes your business.

A vending machine with seating options.
A row of vending machines in a row.

Your area. Your choice.

Refreshment breakout areas are designed to improve morale, boost staff engagement and increase productivity, so why make them boring? Refreshment breakout areas enrich your working environment with tailored designs fit for purpose.

We can customise everything including the size, colours and branding of your area to make it truly yours. This creates a positive company culture that will have a lasting impression on both your staff and visitors. We pride ourselves on making your dream a reality from the design stage right through to creating and finalising your vision.

It’s a simple and effortless way to bring your workplace into the 21st century, designed around vending equipment that your team are already using.

Provide an unrivalled refreshment experience with the Micro Market…

A Micro Market is a self-service convenience store designed for your workplace, with a vast array of refreshments on offer in an open design 24 hours a day. These include fresh food, snacks, cold drinks and delicious hot drinks courtesy of the optional coffee machine.

A refreshment break out area is the perfect accompaniment to the Micro Market, creating the complete refreshment experience that will boost engagement and productivity. We can design a break out area alongside your coffee machine for example, or we can even provide a vast canteen interior that’s well suited to your entire workforce.

It’s completely up to you.

A Micro Market is the modern day workplace canteen.

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