It’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas!

For some, Christmas began on the back end of Halloween. For others, they won’t even think about the holiday season till at least December 1st. For us at Coinadrink, we’re somewhere in the middle, and a new Christmas line is soon to hit our snack machines. Courtesy of Cadbury and Maltesers, it won’t be long before you can get your chocolate fix alongside a bit of festive fun!

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New product alert – Flavia milk pouches available soon!

The Flavia hot drinks machines prove extremely popular with our customers, and for good reason. No matter which one you go for, each one is a compact machine that’s quick, premium and reliable. The Flavia uses a unique ‘pack to cup’ brewing system whereby each Flavia is capable of dispensing a quality hot drink in under 40 seconds, and the options available are extensive. Tea’s, coffee’s, hot chocolate’s and more, the Flavia range can cater to each member of your hard-working workforce. Now, after lengthy market research, it gets better. Mars drinks have produced a real milk powder sachet that would be perfect to top off your delicious cappuccino or latte.

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New Ridge Range – A Flavoursome Treat!

Crisps: a very popular snack. Crisps are found in over 70% of kids’ lunch boxes in the UK, and while our favourite is individually personal, it is widely regarded that Walkers are some of the most popular. Walkers are said to produce 10 million packets of crisps every single day, and use more than 350,000 tonnes of potatoes every year to produce them. The most popular flavours in the UK are Ready Salted, Cheese and Onion and Salt and Vinegar, and figures from Mintel reveal that British people in the UK eat a tonne of crisps every three minutes. When you look at statistics like this, we’re sure that new Ridge Range crisps courtesy of Mackie’s will prove extremely popular!

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It’s National Sandwich Day, so celebrate the love of the great British food!

Today is National Sandwich Day, a day to recognise one of the most popular lunch time choices not just in Britain, but all over the world. Sure, our Nation certainly takes the credit for such an invention, but it’s testament to how good the sandwich is to see its popularity now extend much, much further. We all have our individual favourite, but it’s important to understand that the sandwich, and the likes of Subway to go with it, wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for a certain gentleman known as John Montagu…

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