Refreshing Times Winter 2015

The future of vending

Coinadrink’s latest Neo and Vitro machines will soon include a bluetooth wireless link to your smartphone.

Finished in smoked glass with a sleek modern design, the floorstanding Neo and tabletop Vitro hot beverage machines look great in any location. The machines are quick and easy to operate with clear illuminated icons representing all the available drink options.

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Micro Markets – an instant hit with staff

With an increasing number of businesses relocating to retail
parks away from city centres, providing staff with adequate lunchtime facilities can be challenging. While vending machines can offer snacks and refreshments, they are limited in their
product selection, and are not ideal when large numbers of staff go on lunch at the same time.

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The micro market comes to the UK

Coinadrink have been operating in the vending industry for over 50 years, but have never been afraid to embrace new ideas. We have recently been developing a project that has opened up our services to a range of new customers, and much larger sites in general. It allows us to offer far more choice and a better shopping experience than we can achieve with traditional vending machines.

The concept behind Express Refreshments is quite simple. The convenience store concept has been adapted to meet the needs of the work place. It becomes a viable way for organisations to offer their staff a wide range of food and beverages 24/7 in house at every day prices. It is cashless, unattended and it follows self-checkout. As it is unattended, it needs to be in a secure location, with a regular clientele.

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Express Refreshments – New Projects

Here at Coinadrink, we will begin trying out our new Express Refreshment system in the first quarter of 2013. Not only is this new, but it’s also within our belief that it’s a first for the UK, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else. A lot of time and effort has gone into this project and more information can be found in the next edition of Refreshing Times.

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