Walk For Promise Dreams? We Promise You Won’t Go Thirsty!

Here’s news of our latest promise in aid of our favourite local charity, Promise Dreams.

It’s a sponsored walk called Walk for Promise Dreams and it’s scheduled for Sunday, October 16th – so it you want to join us, there’s plenty of time to get fit!

You’ll need to be on your mettle though… Our starting point is Himley Hall and from there, we walk to Wombourne. From the Penn Road, we’ll see lots of Wolverhampton landmarks, and rest assured: there are a few pubs along the way and there’s even a MacDonalds if you need to eat something!


When we get to Wolverhampton, we walk towards Chapel Ash before we go past the Wolverhampton University Arts building, with its famous ‘fairy lights’. Next comes Stafford Road, with a wonderful view of Molineux. From there, it’s a gentle downhill stroll to Wolverhampton Racecourse. Continue reading “Walk For Promise Dreams? We Promise You Won’t Go Thirsty!”

WWW? It’s ‘The Wise Words of Williams’

PART THREE: The ‘Sugar Question’ Was Solving Itself – So Who Needs A Sugar Tax?

There’s one element of modern life that I’ll never be comfortable with, and that’s ‘blame culture’. Whatever problems we face, as individuals, communities or as a nation, it seems that we have to blame those problems on ‘someone’ or ‘something’.

Goodness knows that the vending industry has been singled out for blame during the on-going ‘obesity crisis.’ There are those out there, for instance, who espouse the idea that we could end obesity simply by removing snacks machines from hospital waiting areas.


I was looking through some old snaps the other day and I found a group picture of me, my parents and a lot of other people and I was immediately struck by how pencil-thin we all were. Continue reading “WWW? It’s ‘The Wise Words of Williams’”

Coming Clean And Coming Soon – It’s Karisma From N&W!

Coinadrink’s range of coffee machines is full of star quality – and that’s before we add ‘Karisma’!

Karisma is the new ‘super-automatic’ from N&W, the world’s largest manufacturer of coffee vending machines. N&W is based in northern Italy and much of the company’s success is down to its ability to recreate, in a machine, the subtleties of taste and aroma that characterise the classical Italian espresso experience.

So what makes this machine such a stand-out? It uses fresh milk!

We’ve got a Karisma on test in our workshop right now. You can enjoy all your coffee shop favourites, from a frothy cappuccino to a latte macchiato and everything in between. The quality of the drinks is fantastic, as you’d expect from N&W; but with our customers’ interests at heart, we’re making sure that Karisma is as easy to keep clean, (and healthy), as it is good at making drinks… Continue reading “Coming Clean And Coming Soon – It’s Karisma From N&W!”

To Tick A Box, Or To Save A Life?

Sometimes, qualifying for accreditations, such as OHSAS 18001, can deliver tangible benefits – as Workshop Technician Trudi Beet testifies in the latest of our articles about Coinadrink’s ‘Long Service Club’ members.

In a recent blog post, Coinadrink MD Roger Williams considered accreditations and their value to the business. ‘Take ISO for example’, Roger wrote. ‘Some companies take the view that accreditations are an unnecessary distraction, mere ‘boxes that must be ticked’.’

Roger believes that external audits reassure our customers that we’re taking our responsibilities as a supplier and as an employer seriously. ‘We can point people towards our various accreditations and say to them, ‘don’t take our word for it…’, Roger says. Continue reading “To Tick A Box, Or To Save A Life?”