Gourmet Chocolate from Cocoa Loco now available!

Most chocoholics will agree that all forms of chocolate are hard to ignore, but that doesn’t mean that some brands aren’t tastier than others. Cocoa Loco’s delicious efforts have quickly propelled them towards the top of the tree, and now you can enjoy their handmade gourmet range almost anywhere thanks to our Refreshment Shop!

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Helping Rhyan and Rhys follow their dreams…

Coinadrink have been partnering with Promise Dreams for four years now, committed to helping terminally ill children make their dreams a reality. Some of the conditions these children have are truly heart-breaking, and the charity just wants to give them and their families some joy and positivity in what is a very difficult time.

Rhyan and Rhys, aged eight and five, suffer with the awful condition of Cystic Fibrosis, meaning extensive hospital appointments, medication and physio rob the boys of the childhood they deserve. As if that wasn’t bad enough, each lad has their own additional life limiting condition…

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Our water coolers help to get you on the path to healthy hydration!

Hydration with style…the B5 cooler.

Here’s a fact for you; if you’re not drinking enough water, your body is secretly suffering without you really knowing about it.

It’s quite often the case in children and teenagers, whose action packed, entertaining lifestyles remarkably can’t make room for regular hydration. Though while all you parents out there encourage your kids to change that worrying reality, it’s quite easy to forget that you need to consume enough fluids yourself. As a general rule, that’s 3 litres for men and 2.2 litres for women on a daily basis.

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National Pie Week – Celebrate the crusty creation with our Wright’s Pies!

Do you like a steak pie?

We all love a good pie don’t we? Catering to both the sweet and savoury tooth, it has quickly spun into one of Britain’s all-time favourite dishes. Though whether you enjoy a classic Steak and Kidney, or prefer the elegance of Apple or Blackcurrant, the pie is a treat that’s also filled with lots of history.

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