Snack on premium quality with Coinadrink.

We all think about snacks at some point, now even more so on the back of National Snack Day last Sunday. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, Coinadrink have always made them easily accessible through our practical range of snack machines, and we’ve extended the options with the arrival of our Micro Market back in 2013. We understand the importance of workplace refreshments and have done throughout our entire history, and our snack machines are a great option for a mid-morning treat or part of your lunch time meal.

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New products for you to get your taste buds around!

We’re always on the lookout for new products to add into our snack machines, and are committed to mixing it up from time to time to keep your options fresh. Our criteria for selection is strict, however, and we only choose items that we believe our customers will love. At the moment, we are trialling a few new items: Scottish Fudge and Raspberry Coconut Ice courtesy of Lees.

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The vending machine with a heart for the homeless.

Throughout our history, we have seen vending progress to admirable lengths. Never more so, however, than when the world’s first vending machine was created for homeless people. Installed in Nottingham last month, the machine dispenses key items such as water, fresh fruit, soap, toothpaste and books. Whilst the technology behind it isn’t anything revolutionary, it’s the generosity behind the idea that has sparked attention. The Guardian are just one of the institutions to report on the hot topic…

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All the weird and wonderful vending machines to grace our planet – continued.

Back in October, we published some of the craziest vending machines that could be found somewhere around the world. Live lobster made the list, and there was also a beer vending machine if you preferred to serve yourself rather than queue at the bar (this one can be found in Hackney, UK, if you’re interested!) On the back of the recent news that the first vending machine for homeless people has just been released in Nottingham, we’re keen to share more weird and wonderful vending machines that we’ve recently found…

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