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Snack Vending Machines

Provide delicious snacks from top brands whether it be one of our traditional snack machines or a healthier option we can provide and fill a machine perfect for your requirements.

Snack Machines

Coinadrink have a great range of snack vending machines that will make the perfect addition to any workplace environment. Their versatility enables us to offer a wide selection of confectionary, crisps and snack items, all from the same machine; whilst also offering cans and bottles if required. Coinadrink can also provide a choice of payment systems for use with their snack machines, enabling your staff or customers to pay by cash, note or card. For the busier locations, higher capacity snack machines are also available.

Why do you need a snack vending machine

Snack vending machines are the perfect way to provide staff and customers confectionary, crisps and snack items; 24/7, without having to employ any extra staff to manage a canteen or tuck shop facility. This provision is a cost effective, convenient way to keep staff on site during break periods whilst also helping to raise morale and increase productivity by helping to keep hunger at bay throughout the day. They make the ideal accompaniment to Coinadrink's range of hot drinks vending machines and with choices from all the top brands, including a range of healthier products if required, what's not to like.

Chocolate vending machine and snack machines

Coinadrink's snack vending machines are filled with a great choice of snacks, confectionary and chocolate products; with cans and bottles also available from the same machine, if required. Machine selections can be tailored to suit the requirements of your workforce and will offer product selections from all your favorite confectionary and snack brands including Cadbury's, Nestle, Mars, Walkers and many more. Coinadrink can also offer a great choice of healthier products if required.