Celebrating our 55 years in a charitable way!

Coinadrink recently celebrated 55 years of history that has been enriched with quality, innovation and a customer-centric approach. Right from the word ‘go’ back in 1962, we have understood the importance of workplace refreshments, and can tailor our services to offer premium hot and cold drinks, snacks, fresh food and water machines and coolers to each individual business. On January 27th 2018, we will be hosting a party to celebrate our 55 years, and it wouldn’t be a standard Coinadrink event if our chosen charities didn’t feature somewhere…

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Charity Work – Successful Support Stories…

Coinadrink are extremely passionate about charity work, and we always try and help out whenever we can. That’s why were absolutely delighted when we hear of success stories thanks to our good work, and it drives us to continue in the same manner for the future.

We have been contributing towards a group of ladies going under the name Ladies for a Better Life, doing so through the sales of our bottled water for our bottled water coolers. These women, based in the Western parts of Kenya, face the issue of poverty on a day to day basis and such a challenge brings a long list of issues that nobody should have to confront.

Collectively they have aimed to improve their livelihood by running small scale businesses, drawing inspiration from the name of the group as they strive to make a real go of it. Such troubling circumstances for these women can sometimes get them down, but the positive attitude on a whole is simply wonderful.

Take a look below for a more detailed description on the individuals we have helped;

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The Acorns Firewalk proved a burning success, with over £150 raised on behalf of Coinadrink…

We made a big song and dance about our Sales and Marketing Manager Tom Williams taking part in this years’ Firewalk, courtesy of Acorns. Well last night was the night he braved the heat, and we’re delighted to say he did so admirably to raise funds in excess of £150 for the charity.

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Our very own, charitable Tom braves the Firewalk!

Coinadrink have partnered with Acorns as our chosen charity for the coming year, and we’re determined to play our part in helping this excellent cause. As highlighted in one of our previous blog posts, we recently donated £736.50 to the charity, but we don’t want the good work to stop there.

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