National Tea Month – Some facts and figures.

January is dedicated to National Tea Month, and we recently sent out a blog on which of our machines can dispense the perfect brew. That can be found here. This blog is a light-hearted article about some interesting facts and figures on tea, many of which you won’t have known…

Tea is good for you!

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Sipping on National Tea Month.

On a rather strange introduction to National Tea Month, we want to begin by saying that tea is no longer the Nation’s beverage of choice. While this may be rather depressing for the tea lovers out there, the fact is that the rise in coffee shops such as Costa and Starbucks have actually soared coffee way beyond its counterpart. It is worth remembering, though, that such a change in our hot beverage choice is more about the rise in coffee as oppose to the fall in tea.

It was only little over a year ago that a survey from Unilever recorded that 66% of people drink tea in the home compared to 64% that drink coffee. Rest assured that us Brits are still very much a tea loving Nation, and a piping hot cup of tea is often what’s needed for many of us.

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Grab a brew, settle down, and hear about the curious tale of Tea…

You don’t have to travel far to find someone who loves a good cup of tea. Sweet or not, milky or strong, a steaming mug is well loved across the Nation, though the origins of the hot drink don’t actually stem from the UK despite the common belief. And now, on National Tea Day, allow us to take you back in time to where they did actually begin…

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Going back into a mug of history with PG

PG Tips is one of the Nation’s favourite brews, and it’s grown into higher levels of popularity as the years have progressed. How did this hot beverage begin though, and how did the brand adapt to the needs of all of its fans out there? Read on to find out.

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