‘The Sunflower Man’

When we call Barry Watson, he’s working in his garden, which fits our story quite nicely, as you’ll see…

‘It might take me a while to find him,’ June, his wife, tells us; apologizing in advance. However, it’s not long before that familiar voice is once again on the end of the phone; evidently ‘tickled’ to be interviewed for our newsletter.

Barry Watson

In common with many of his former colleagues, Barry’s appointment came as the result of a staff member’s recommendation. ‘My first job was in Preventative Maintenance’, he says. ‘Then, I went as an engineer, repairing vending machines in Coventry, Warwick and Birmingham. One of my biggest customers was Coventry Gauge and Tool, and I also had Birmingham University and Birmingham Children’s Hospital. After that, I was Installations Manager, helping to take sales enquiries; going out on inspections and installing on site.’

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New Year, New Machines… New Opportunities

Here at Coinadrink, there’s mounting excitement as we await the arrival of two exciting new machines that are guaranteed to add a certain pizazz to our beverage offer, bringing you even more choice. Let’s take a look…

 First off, there’s the new MARS DRINKS™ KLIX® Momentum.


This machine delivers the drinks your people want – and fast! It incorporates an all-new, 5-inch colour touchscreen. Backlit labels streamline the way your staff use the machine, making it easier for them to find and select their favourite drinks.

And when we say ‘their favourite drinks’, we really mean it. The new MARS DRINKS™ KLIX® Momentum offers a choice of 16 popular drinks, including delicious coffees, teas, café style specialities, cold drinks and soups.

Here’s the low-down:

  • The new MARS DRINKS™ KLIX® Momentum has a 1,248 drinks cup capacity.
  • It’s ideal for fast-paced environments
  • It comes with a cashless payment system as standard with KLIXKEY® Technology
  • It’s low maintenance and easy to re-stock
  • It’s easy to set up, thanks to a simple step-by-step guide.

And as for performance, it delivers drinks fast – in just 17 seconds – making it ideal for all kinds of locations, including visitor areas; hospitals, warehouses, factories and call centres. It’s easy-peasy to operate and maintain too, so it’s like hiring an extra team member that allows your people to grab an drink, get refreshed and get back to work in record time!

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Office vending machines improving morale and productivity

Office vending machines may seem insignificant on the surface, but a growing amount of data collected from employee well-being and happiness surveys and research, hint that the opposite is true. Staff morale and employee productivity are closely linked and the humble office vending machine can, in fact, positively affect productivity by more than 30%.
There are several ways in which the office vending machine affects staff morale and productivity.

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Vending machines for legal services providers

The legal services market has been undergoing a reform and process of modernisation in the UK, led by its governing body. The aim is to put the customer at the heart of the legal system and so, it is not surprising that legal practices are more focused on creating the right first impression.

For clients and visitors, the stylish design of the modern vending machine is useful in creating that all-important first impression. It is also important to recognise that clients and visitors have become accustomed to the sophisticated flavours and aromas, created by high street coffee shops. The latest vending technology has now been able to replicate this level of quality.
It also plays a role in staff retention, creating an atmosphere of value, for the more than 100,000 thousand solicitors, and supporting personnel, working in more than 9,000 private practice firms across England and Wales.

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