A new arrival to get your taste buds tingling!

Calling all chocoholics! We can now welcome an indulgent new sweet treat to our range, in the form of ‘Chocolate Choices’ from popular brand Café Bronte.

Perfect with your favoured hot drink, these little delights arrive in four mouth-watering varieties;

  • Belgian Dark Chocolate and Mint
  • Belgian Milk Chocolate and Orange
  • Belgian Dark Chocolate and Ginger
  • Belgian Milk Chocolate and Coconut

The biscuit based snack will suit your colleagues down to the ground, and are sure to be a popular choice in your business! Take a look over at Refreshment Shop now, and give in to temptation…


It’s A Double Web Whammy!

Great news! We’ve now completed a major refresh of both our company website and our online store.

‘Our main aim was to improve overall usability for our customers, while ensuring the sites work well on a wide range of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets’, Web and Graphic Designer James Barsby told us. ‘From a visual design perspective, we’ve made the sites more intuitive by combining strong colours with clear, easy-to-read typefaces.’
The Coinadrink website includes a new drop-down menu system designed to accommodate our ever-expanding range of machines. There’s a wealth of information available, which we believe will prove to be a valuable resource for our existing customers – as well as those interested in installing new equipment. ‘We’ve structured the site in such a way that you can find what you need quickly, without having to hunt through  over-complicated menus’, James said. ‘By paying careful attention to the wording of text and product descriptions, the site is now much easier to find in popular search engines, such as Google.’

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