Isn’t it about time your business disregarded the kettle?

One of the common reasons we hear as to why people don’t have a vending machine in their business is because they prefer to make their own drinks. We might be a little biased here, but that’s something that frustrates us. Having had 55 years’ experience as a company, we have witnessed the advancement of the vending industry first hand, and the machines of today are easy on the eye. The benefits of vending are simply enormous, so isn’t it about time you disregarded your kettle for something that’s a little more up to date?

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Contemporary tabletop machines from Coinadrink.

Coinadrink have witnessed the advancement of hot drinks vending since 1962, though no aspect is more remarkable than that of tabletop machines. Innovative technology is packed into a compact package, delivering coffee shop quality to your staff in under 40 seconds! Their slender frames can easily slot into the busiest of workplaces, but the impression they’ll leave is anything but small.

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Enjoy your favourite on National Beverage Day!

As you’d expect for a vending company, beverages are a pretty big deal to us. Cold, hot, or sparkling, we love them all, and news that there’s a day dedicated to them is music to our ears. It may be an ‘event’ in which the origins extend to just a few months back (to our knowledge, anyway), but all good things have to start somewhere, and Coinadrink are happy that people are now being encouraged to enjoy their favourite beverage!

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Network, Promote and Learn at this week’s Black Country Chamber Event!

In what promises to be a busy week, Coinadrink are set to attend the Black Country Chamber of Commerce networking event this Friday, 24th March, at West Bromwich Albion Football Club.

Following on from the FM Show, which finishes this Thursday, the Black Country event gives you the opportunity to learn about respective businesses, and exchange details with potential new contacts. In such a competitive, fast paced working environment, networking sessions are one of the key ways to drum up business for your company, and the informal atmosphere creates a friendly and welcoming feel.

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