Beat the ‘Beast from the East’ with an authentic beverage!

You may have heard about the ‘Beast from the East’, a period of freezing weather that has been battering our Nation lately. Snow and sub-zero conditions have been a frequent occurrence, and it’s made travelling to and from work both cold and hazardous. The harsh, winter season is all the more reason to enjoy an authentic beverage from a contemporary hot drinks machine. With Coinadrink, we can tailor our recommendations based on the requirements of your business.

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The Karisma – the pinnacle of quality and style.

Meticulously crafted by Evoca, the Karisma is the pinnacle of industry innovation. Advanced technology is hidden within an aesthetic frame, and the Karisma uses fresh milk for a truly authentic taste that’s largely unrivalled. An innovative 7-inch touchscreen is enveloped around a stainless-steel finish, and the versatile nature of the Karisma means that it’s right at home in almost any environment. This contemporary tabletop is set to both enhance the image of your business and your vending experience.

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Introducing the ICON for 2018!

Every business needs something to help them stand out from the competition, and we have always felt a little different to other vending suppliers. As well as our customer-centric service plan, Coinadrink have always been unique in the fact that we aren’t tied down to any particular vending supplier, which means we have the flexibility to choose the best machines on the market. When we announce a new arrival, then, rest assured that it isn’t a decision that’s taken lightly. The ICON courtesy of Crane is here, and it joins our prestigious range of floor standing hot drinks machines for 2018.

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Isn’t it about time your business disregarded the kettle?

One of the common reasons we hear as to why people don’t have a vending machine in their business is because they prefer to make their own drinks. We might be a little biased here, but that’s something that frustrates us. Having had 55 years’ experience as a company, we have witnessed the advancement of the vending industry first hand, and the machines of today are easy on the eye. The benefits of vending are simply enormous, so isn’t it about time you disregarded your kettle for something that’s a little more up to date?

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