Recipe Of The Week – Double Trouble Hot Chocolate

2x Pumps Sweetbird Chocolate Sauce
2x Pumps Sweetbird White Chocolate Sauce
Steamed Milk


Add sauce to cup, top up with steamed milk. Stir and serve dusted with cocoa or a drizzle of Chocolate Sauce.

Simplicity in a cup….

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Recipe Of The Week – White Hot Chocolate

In light of National Chocolate week, why not induldge in……….

White Hot Chocolate

* 1 Pump Sweetbird Eggnog syrup
* 2 Pumps Sweetbird White chocolate sauce
* Steamed Milk
* Whipped Cream

Combine syrups, sauce and milk.
Top with whipped cream.

Don’t forget you can find all the ingredients you require on our online Refreshment Shop.

Did you know that today is National Chilli Day?

Who doesn’t like Chilli? So what better way to enjoy it on one of the coldest months of the year! On Thursday 27th February 2014, the Nation can share their love of chilli and forget about the wintery weather for one day as they embrace in the great bowl of red. Beginning in the 18th Century, historians are under firm belief that three different cultures got together in Texas and believed they could produce the best bowl of chilli, sparking a competition. To celebrate this piece of history, indulge in a glorious spicy supreme and forget the sub zero temperatures outside your window.

And who says that you can’t mix the peppery nature of Chilli with the sweet, silky context of chocolate. It may seem many across the globe enjoy an odd combination, chilli chocolate, and surely that many people cannot be wrong! Why not try it for yourself with our superb chilli chocolate recipe?

Chilli-Hot Chocolate

3 pumps Sweetbird Chilli syrup

3 pumps Sweetbird Chocolate sauce

Steamed milk

Combine syrup with sauce and top with milk. Hot stuff!

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