Our water coolers help to get you on the path to healthy hydration!

Hydration with style…the B5 cooler.

Here’s a fact for you; if you’re not drinking enough water, your body is secretly suffering without you really knowing about it.

It’s quite often the case in children and teenagers, whose action packed, entertaining lifestyles remarkably can’t make room for regular hydration. Though while all you parents out there encourage your kids to change that worrying reality, it’s quite easy to forget that you need to consume enough fluids yourself. As a general rule, that’s 3 litres for men and 2.2 litres for women on a daily basis.

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National Pie Week – Celebrate the crusty creation with our Wright’s Pies!

Do you like a steak pie?

We all love a good pie don’t we? Catering to both the sweet and savoury tooth, it has quickly spun into one of Britain’s all-time favourite dishes. Though whether you enjoy a classic Steak and Kidney, or prefer the elegance of Apple or Blackcurrant, the pie is a treat that’s also filled with lots of history.

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New Tyrells Crisps – Coming to a machine near you shortly!

Coinadrink have been providing your hungry workplace with sumptuous snacks for years. Crisps, cakes or breakfast bars, you can be sure that we cater to every mouth, but we’re always striving to keep adding to your machine.

In just a few weeks, we’re excited to announce that there’ll be two more additions to our range. Tyrells have been producing hand cooked British crisps for just over 15 years, and taste has been at the top of the agenda right from the beginning.

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Roger Williams Shares His Vending Memories

Coinadrink has been in business for 55 years and to mark this magical milestone, MD and Founder Roger Williams agreed to go in front of the cameras to share some of his memories. We cut them into bite-size segments: you can watch them in any order. Enjoy!

Foreword, by Roger Williams

When we opened for business, Harold Macmillan was PM and according to him, ‘we’d never had it so good’. I suppose he had a point: inflation was low, at just 1.1% and pretty much everybody was in work. The average price of a house was £2,670 – although such a sum would have bought you something pretty impressive in Walsall – and the average wage was £799 a year. A pint of milk cost 1/4d (that’s 6.5p in ‘new’ money!) and a pint in the pub would set you back 2/4d, (11.5p).

The best selling record of the year was Frank Ifield, yodelling ‘I Remember You.’ It was September before anybody had heard of a group of scruffs from Liverpool calling themselves ‘The Beatles’.

And, whilst all of that was going on, we began to build our business…

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