Benefits of hydration that go on and on…

Unfortunately, as is the way with this country, good weather comes with more hope than expectation, though it never hurts to be prepared for the warmer conditions.

We at Coinadrink can help. If you have read our blog posts in recent weeks, the importance of hydration is something that should never be ignored, and we should always strive to drink enough water on a regular basis. When you become thirsty, its concerning to know that you have already lost 1% of your bodily fluids, and seeing as water is needed to keep our brain active and focused, dehydration can especially have a detrimental effect in the workplace.

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Dynamic water dispensers help to relieve secret symptoms of dehydration!

Hydration. It’s a topic we’ve all heard of and all know the importance of, though that’s still not enough for some people to act on it. We may be a company that specialises in fluids with our water dispensers, but we understand how easy it can be to push it to the back of your mind when a heavy workflow kicks in. So, allow us to make it easy for you. Our coolers make it simple to enjoy deliciously cold water on demand, all from elegant, contemporary designs.

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