Recipe of the week – Hot Raspberry

Summer is slowly drawing to a close and were all looking for that ‘pick-me-up’ to raise our spirits…and body temperature! This hot raspberry beverage is sumptuously refreshing, and each sip will have your senses running wild. Its the height of luxury.

  • 2cl 1883 Routin syrup
  • 1 ginger slice
  • 2 cardamon seeds
  • 12cl jasmine white tea


Add ginger, cardamom seeds and tea to a teapot, top up with boiling water – leave forĀ 5-6min. Pour 1883 syrup and strain infusion in a tea cup, stir well before serving. Garnish with raspberry, ginger slice and mint sprig.


Recipe of the week – Intense Chocolate Orange

Those with a sweet tooth will adore this weeks’ recipe, with Intense Chocolate Orange aiming to find a place in your hearts. We all know that summer in this country can be a bit of a letdown, so cheer yourself up with this stunning hot drink. Even the picture makes you drool in delight, so wait till you try it.

  • 3 pumps Sweetbird chocolate sauce
  • 1 pump Sweetbird Orange syrup
  • Steamed milk


Put the sauce and syrup in a cup and mix well. Top up with steamed milk and serve.

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