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The Jazz 1100 POU water cooler comes factory fitted with breakthrough Sip Neo 3 technology for peace of mind.

AA First Jazz 1100 POU Water Cooler

The AA First Jazz 1100 POU water cooler delivers complete peace of mind with the breakthrough Sip Neo 3 technology. Now your water dispenser can “self-sanitise” every night or on a custom schedule to suit you, providing clean, refreshing drinking water around the clock. The Jazz 1100 water cooler also has a contactless dispense, simply place your bottle or cup against the lever without directly interacting with the cooler yourself. Industry leading in reliability, the Jazz 1100 point of use water dispenser goes the extra level for your reassurance.

Sip Neo 3 technology automatically sanitises your water dispenser every night, or on a custom schedule to suit you. It can also save you up to £80 a year in energy bills compared to water coolers without this technology.

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Features & Benefits

  • Sip Neo 3 technology self-sanitises your water cooler.
  • A contactless dispense.
  • Sturdy. Robust. Reliable.
  • Stylish for the modern workplace.
  • Available in two different sizes and a variety of configurations.
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