Borg E7 Water Dispenser

Borg E7 Water Dispenser

The Borg E7 is a stunning new water dispenser that raises the bar for what workplace drinking solutions can be.

The E7 is the height of luxury. Meticulously crafted with real attention to detail, it houses a variety of cutting-edge technology within its striking frame. As one of Borg’s new E-Series dispensers, the E7 builds on the success of the B-range to bring the brands’ latest technologies and values to life.

Stylish, sustainable, and offering extremely high-performance, the Borg E7 water dispenser overhauls any environment you choose to place it, though it is perhaps best reserved for high-end offices and hospitality environments.

If you’re looking for an eloquent water dispenser for your business, look no further than the Borg E7.

Features & Benefits

  • Crafted with excellence at Borg’s zero-landfill UK facility.
  • A state-of-the-art design that will turn heads.
  • Great tasting filtered water.
  • Pro-Core performance that’s efficient and reliable.
  • Dry Chill water cooling technology.
  • Totality hygiene guaranteed.
  • SensorBeam technology for touchless dispense.
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At a glance…

Water Options










Pro-Core – A compact, powerful undercounter system.

Dry Chill – Rapid, hygienic, efficient water dispense.


Bluetooth touch-free dispense.

DeepSparkle for improved sparkling water.

Eco Mode – Energy-saving technology.

Vivovandt  – Chemical-free, efficient UV-LED protection.

SensorBeam – illuminated, virtual foot pedal for contactless dispense.

IOT – Intelligent insights help us streamline our service to you.


Totality – Filtration and hygiene assurance.


Borg E7 Water Dispenser Design

Sustainably stylish…

Borg’s water dispensers represent a statement, raising the bar for what a drinking solution should be in workplaces, leisure centres and hospitality settings. The E7 is the pinnacle of beauty, with a Coriant tap and an integrated drip tray.

  • A design that is effortlessly eloquent.

  • A durable Fynil finish with antimicrobial protection.

  • The E7 significantly enhances any environment.

An eco-conscious footprint.

The Borg E7 delivers a touch of class that is hard to match, but not at the expense of Borg’s commitment towards sustainability that’s present across their latest E-Series.

  • Designed and manufactured at Borg’s zero-landfill UK facility.

  • Sculpted with easily accessible components that are part of a tight supply chain.

  • A range of eco-friendly features built into the E7 as standard.

Borg E7 Water Dispenser Sustainability


Borg E7 Water Dispenser Pro-Core

Driven by Pro Core.

The Borg E7 water dispenser is powered by the next generation Pro-Core undercounter system, that has been tweaked to offer improved ventilation and therefore efficiency.

  • Massive power in a small package, with improved ventilation and cooling.

  • Space saving and energy efficient.

  • Reliable but with the added peace of mind from easy maintenance.

Eco mode.

The E7 is an incredibly efficient water cooler, helped by the fact it has eco mode built into its smart frame. This can help your business meet your own CSR regulations.

  • Cleverly analyses usage to enter into a downtime state following periods of inactivity.

  • Intelligent sensors provide the same functionality in very low lighting.

  • No unnecessary chilling of the water overnight, saving your business up to £700 a year in energy bills!

Borg E7 Water Dispenser Eco Mode
Borg E7 Water Dispenser Dry Chill

Dry Chill water cooling.

The E7 water dispenser features the same Dry Chill water cooling technology that’s highlighted across the entire E-Series. This further drives impressive efficiency and enhances water quality.

  • An airless system features a rapid chill coolant coil.

  • An aluminium core maximises hygiene.

  • Reduces the risk of contamination with zero chemicals.

Bespoke Totality methodology.

Totality technology has been exclusive to Borg’s range of water dispensers for a long time and has only been enhanced on the new E-Series. Put simply, this furthers the brands’ commitment to provide quality drinking water.

  • Reduces sediment, odours, chlorine and microplastics in your water.

  • Hygiene assurance in every pour.

  • Freshly filtered water that tastes clean and crisp every time.

Borg E7 Water Dispenser Totality


Borg E7 Water Dispenser Connectivity

Touchless dispensing.

The Borg E7 water dispenser combines impeccable hygiene with reassuring safety standards to meet the requirements of the modern world. Bluetooth technology opens up the possibility for 100% touchless dispensing.

The E7 is also compatible with the optional SensorBeam technology where the user controls the flow of water with a foot pedal.

Finally, IOT compatibility can help us streamline our service on the E7.

  • App-enabled Bluetooth connectivity at no extra cost.

  • Totally eliminates shared touch points.

  • IOT notifies us of when filters need changing or of potential faults.

Chilled Temperature

2 degrees centigrade.

Maximum 12 degrees centigrade.

Hot Temperature

92 degrees centigrade.

Minimum 82 degrees centigrade.

Chilled and Sparkling Capacity

50 litres per hour.

Hot Capacity

16 litres per hour.

Dispense Height

332 milliletres.

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