Borg E4 Water Dispenser

Borg E4 Water Dispenser

The Borg E4 is part of the new and exciting water dispenser line-up from Borg and Overstrom.

The E-Series drives the brands’ prestigious reputation for luxury drinking water solutions. Excellence has only grown through evolution, with the new E-Series including the E4 representing the latest that Borg has to offer.

Form meets function. The Borg E4 water dispenser adopts the brands’ latest technologies to deliver a stylish and sustainable drinking solution that can offer up to three water configurations. This dispenser is aimed at offices, leisure centres and hospitality environments.

Learn what makes the Borg E4 water dispenser so special. And what sets it apart from the traditional B-Series.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed and manufactured at Borg’s zero-landfill UK facility!
  • The result of a tight supply chain with environmentally friendly components.
  • Next-generation Pro Core system that maximises efficiency and reliability.
  • Dry Chill water cooling technology.
  • Totality hygiene guaranteed.
  • Make the E4 your own with a range of Bluetooth accessories.
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At a glance…

Water Options












Pro-Core – A compact, powerful undercounter system.

Dry Chill – Rapid, hygienic, efficient water dispense.


Bluetooth touch-free dispense.

DeepSparkle for improved sparkling water.


Totality – Filtration and hygiene assurance.

Optional Accessories

SensorBeam – illuminated, virtual foot pedal for contactless dispense.


A water dispenser with a glass of water on it, featuring the Borg E4.

Environmentally conscious.

Arguably the biggest difference between the E-Series and the older B-Series is a commitment towards sustainability, helping your business to meet their environmental goals.

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK at Borg’s zero-landfill facility.

  • Environmentally friendly components with improved reliability.

  • Efficient Pro Core and Dry Chill technologies. Learn more below.

It’s all in the detail…

The Borg E4 water dispenser looks stunning regardless of whether you choose the tabletop or floorstanding configuration with real attention to detail.

  • A Fynil finish that’s premium, durable, and easy to clean.

  • Features anti-microbial silver ion protection as standard – great for healthcare.

  • Complete hygiene confidence in communal areas.

Borg E4 Water Dispenser Design


Borg E4 Water Dispenser Pro Core

Driven by Pro Core.

The Borg E4 water dispenser uses the next generation Pro Core undercounter system. The brains of the operation, Pro Core features cutting edge technologies to deliver powerful and efficient water delivery.

  • A more compact design that features discreet ventilation and optimised chilling.

  • Space saving and energy efficient.

  • Universally compatible parts ensure easy maintenance.

Dry Chill water cooling.

The Borg E4 water dispenser features Dry Chill water cooling technology, the latest advancement. It is the pinnacle of hygiene for total peace of mind, ensuring every glass of water is as beautiful as the last.

  • An airless system features a rapid chill coolant coil.

  • An aluminium core maximises hygiene.

  • Reduces the risk of contamination with zero chemicals.

Borg E4 Water Dispenser Dry Chill
Borg E4 Water Dispenser Totality

Bespoke Totality methodology.

Totality is exclusive technology from Borg that eliminates all the possible nasties that could contaminate your drinking water, making sure every sip is exactly how you’d expect.

  • Reduces sediment, odours, chlorine and microplastics in your water.

  • Hygiene assurance in every pour.

  • Freshly filtered water that tastes clean and crisp every time.


Borg E4 Water Dispenser Connectivity

Touchless dispensing.

The Borg E4 water dispenser combines impeccable hygiene with reassuring safety standards to meet the requirements of the modern world. Bluetooth technology opens up the possibility for 100% touchless dispensing.

The E4 is also compatible with the optional SensorBeam technology where the user controls the flow of water with a virtual foot pedal.

  • App-enabled Bluetooth connectivity at no extra cost.

  • SensorBeam tech displays a virtual foot pedal on the floor in front of the dispenser.

  • Totally eliminates shared touch points.

Chilled Temperature

2 degrees centigrade.

Maximum 12 degrees centigrade.

Hot Temperature

92 degrees centigrade.

Minimum 82 degrees centigrade.

Chilled and Sparkling Capacity

50 litres per hour.

Hot Capacity

15 litres per hour.

Dispense Height

290 milliletres.

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