Here’s One Record That Can Never Be Broken…

Remember the story we shared back in November, about our annual ‘Long Service’ dinner? (Click here to read it). We were making the point that the number of Coinadrink staff, who are entitled to attend the ‘do’, (because they’ve been with us for at least twenty-five years), now stands at fourteen. Add to that partners and, of course, Roger and Yvonne and it’s quite a get-together; which is, we’re sure you’ll agree, a pretty amazing fact in this day and age.

So here’s another pretty amazing fact for you: it’s about Stuart Westwood, our popular Service Manager. When he joined our long-service legends in 2013, he was the youngest of the lot. In fact, it’s not possible to be any younger and be a club member…

stuart coinadrink (1)
Stuart Westwood

Allow us to explain: Stuart was born on the 27th of August, 1972. He joined us straight from Willenhall Comprehensive, starting on 26th of July, 1988, aged 15 years, 11 months. So, add 25 to that, and you have it. Achieving 25 years of service at Coinadrink, aged 40 years and 11 months, is a record that’s never going to be broken. You see, since Stuart’s day, the school-leaving age has been raised…

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The Annual Coinadrink Long-Service Dinner. (We’re Going To Need A Bigger Table…)

Remember what Roy Schneider’s character, Brody, said in the movie, Jaws when he first saw that Great White shark? He said: ‘we’re gonna need a bigger boat’ and because the list of eligible attendees for our annual Long Service Dinner is getting longer, we’re gonna need a bigger table!

It’s an annual tradition at Coinadrink that, in the run-up to Christmas, those of our employees with ‘long service’ are invited to join Roger for a celebratory knees-up. The bar for qualification to this august event stands at 25 years and what started as a low key, everybody-in-one-taxi occasion years ago, has blossomed into one of the events of the social calendar.

So much so that this year, 14  employees (and their better halves), will join Roger and Yvonne at the Fairlawns Hotel in Aldridge.

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