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Vitro X3 tabletop coffee machine

Vitro X Tabletop Machines

The Vitro X coffee machine range delivers the professional impression you expect from the Vitro, but with an added boiler it is designed to cater to larger sites.

The Vitro X tabletop coffee machine is a classic in every sense of the word. It provides fresh bean coffee and even fresh brew tea from advanced technology captured within a stunning design. Vitro X is flexible enough to cater to a wide range of sectors from hospitality to large office environments.

Now available with either Distance Selection technology. Click each model below for more information.

Features & Benefits

  • An extra boiler for higher drinks output compared to the Vitro S range. 
  • Consistent drink quality. 
  • Fresh bean coffee, hot chocolate and fresh brew tea available. 
  • Enhance any environment with LED lighting and an optional media screen. 

Vitro X Coffee Machine Models

We offer two Vitro X tabletop coffee machine in different varieties to provide the perfect drinks solution for your requirements.

Vitro X3 tabletop coffee machine

Vitro X3

Duo and Espresso

Two boilers for high pressure Espresso technology. Fresh brew tea available.

Vitro X4 duo coffee machine.

Vitro X4

Duo and Espresso

Compact machine with floor standing capacity. Espresso, fresh brew tea. Optional media screen.

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