Vitro S tabletop coffee machines.

Vitro S Tabletop Coffee Machines

Introducing the compact and stylish Vitro S coffee machine range, ideal for providing smaller workplaces with high quality beverages. These technologically advanced tabletop coffee machines deliver premium, Italian-style coffee on demand.  

Vitro S coffee machines are renowned for their rapid service delivery as well as the versatility to configure the drinks menu. Whether you are on the hunt for instant or espresso coffee, or maybe even fresh brew tea, a Vitro S tabletop coffee machine can provide. 

Now available with either Distance Selection or Joyco contactless technologies. Click each model below for more information.

Features & Benefits

  • Offers 2 types of coffee and fresh brew tea. 
  • LED lit up cup area for easy access. 
  • Offers a “contactless” coffee experience. 
  • Compact and ideal for smaller workplaces.
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Go contactless with the Vitro S coffee machines.

Hygiene is more important than ever and the Vitro S coffee machines eliminate touch points through contactless vending technology.

The vast majority of Vitro S coffee machines come equipped with Distance Selection technology for your peace of mind. Vend your chosen beverage without interacting with the coffee machine.

Our article explains more.

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Vitro S Coffee Machine Models

The Vitro S tabletop coffee machine offers several models offering the perfect drinks solution for each requirement.

Vitro S1 tabletop coffee machine.

Vitro S1

 Instant and Espresso

Simple, smart and practical for small to medium sized locations.

A Vitro coffee machine is shown on a white background.

Vitro S2


Four canisters of premium soluble products. Fast delivery.

Vitro S tabletop coffee machines.

Vitro S3

 Fresh Brew Tea

Espresso, milk based drinks and fresh brew tea.

Vitro S4 Instant coffee machine.

Vitro S4

Instant and Fresh Brew Tea

30% higher volume than Vitro S3. Optional media screen.

Vitro S5 espresso coffee machine.

Vitro S5


Operates unnatended with the capacity of a floor standing machine. 

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