Vending Solutions

No matter what kind of business or organisation you belong to, Coinadrink can provide a vending service tailored to your needs. Our customer base includes everything from small businesses, schools, local authorities, leisure resorts and many more. Working with these customers over the past 50 years has given us an invaluable level of experience that our competitors simply can't match. Choose Coinadrink and we will provide a high quality refreshment solution that is reliable, cost effective, and hassle free.

Vending machines for the Restaurant industry


Provide delicious drinks at the touch of a button to your restaurant customers. Our machines can provide delicious beverages for your restaurant to leave your customers satisfied.

Vending machines for your office.


We can provide delicous drinks for your office staff. We have a perfect range of machines to cater for office needs to help refresh and motivate staff.

Vending machines for the Coffee Shop industry

Coffee Shop

For years we have worked with a high number of Coffee Shops to deliver delicious refreshments for a busy environment.

Vending machines for the Hotel industry


We understand the demands of a Hotel. With over 50 years experience we can help create the perfect package to ensure that guests are satisfied and will return time and again.

Vending machines for your Canteen


Whether you need vending to be used alongside your canteen staff or in replacement we can provide a machine to suit. Our extensive experience helps to find the perfect machine for any busy canteen environment.

Vending machines for the health industry


After decades providing refreshments to the health sector, Coinadrink understand it's unique nature. We select equipment that is well suited to the high-volume, fast-turnaround of this kind of busy working environment.

Coffee machines for the financial industry

Financial Services

The Coinadrink team works closely with a number of high profile companies within the financial industry. Our customers in this sector often require the best possible ingredients and most stylish machines in order to leave their clients with a good impression.

Vending services for education


Our customers include a large number of schools, colleges and universities, with vending machines providing for both staff and students alike. With teachers having to cope with ever increasing workloads, we provide refreshing tea, coffee and healthy snacks to help get them through the day.

Vending services for education

Manufacturing and Industry

The harsh environment of a factory floor calls for robust reliable vending machines. We select systems that can cope with the surge in demand during break periods without compromising on quality. For the largest sites we recommend our new Express Refreshments service.