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Hot water at the touch of a button offering convinience and a high output to provide hot drinks instantly.

Water Taps

Drinking water taps

Drinking water taps are the latest addition to our range and are a great way to provide staff and customers with filtered, chilled still, sparkling and instant hot water; all from one tap. With their modern design and high end functionality, they make the perfect addition to all hospitality and catering environments; whilst also being ideally placed within any workplace location. Their new modern design boasts touch control dispense with an additional hot water safety feature alongside a power saving option to help you reduce your electricity consumption.

Instant hot water taps

Designed with tea drinkers in mind, the Vi tap can provide unparalleled quantities of boiling water dispensed at the perfect temperature for tea. Brita descaling filters are further used to ensure a better tasting tea is made. For hospitality and catering environments, this is a great feature as it can help your staff cope during peak demand times such as the lunchtime rush. For office locations, it can save your staff time as there is no more waiting for the kettle to boil.

Hot & cold water dispensers

Delivering chilled still and sparkling water, plus boiling water from a single unit, the multiple functionality of the Vi tap makes it a hit in all environments. Chilled water helps keep your workforce refreshed and hydrated; whilst the boiling water option is an ideal way to provide hot drinks, with the water dispensed at the perfect temperature for tea. For those that prefer carbonated drinks, a sparkling option completes the package, ensuring all of your staff and visitors are catered for. It is a great way to help keep your staff satisfied and raise their morale whilst also increasing staff productivity.