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Connect the water cooler to a water source and provide fresh filtered water instantly. If there is not a water cooler close then the bottled water cooler range is the ideal solution for providing fresh water.

Plumb in & Mains Fed Water Coolers

Mains fed water coolers are a cost effective way of providing delicious chilled and filtered water to hydrate staff or customers. Our plumbed in water coolers filter the water direct from your mains supply so no bottles are needed. The Borg B5 offers the ultimate in modern water cooler design, whilst our Mogul range have a solid sturdy finish offering excellent quality and reliability but at an affordable price. Filters are replaced regularly and servicing is carried out by our trained team of water cooler technicians.

What do I need for a plumbed in water cooler?

Installing a mains fed water cooler is simple, all you need is a power socket and access to a mains water supply, ideally be within 1.5m of your plumbed in water cooler. If you have this, Coinadrink's team of well-trained water technicians will do the rest. After installation, Coinadrink ensure your mains fed water coolers are serviced and filters changed regularly, to ensure that they continue to deliver refreshing chilled water free from contaminants, whenever you need it. Should you not have access to a mains water supply, our bottled water cooler range is the perfect alternative.

Why Choose Mains Fed Water Coolers for the Office?

Mains fed water coolers are an ideal way to keep your staff hydrated by providing an unlimited supply of fresh filtered water within the workplace. As plumbed in coolers provide fresh filtered water direct from your mains supply you will never have to worry about running out of bottles, storing bottles or lifting them.