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Floor Standing Cooler

Delicious fresh water from the touch of a button. Our range of water coolers can provide stylish looks with fresh spring water. Alternatively if there is a water source near the mains fed water coolers can be used.

Floor standing water cooler

Coinadrink offer a wide range of floor standing water coolers which are a great way of ensuring your staff, customers or visitors stay refreshed and hydrated throughout the working day. Providing both plumbed in and bottled versions, Coinadrink have a solution for everyone. Plumbed in floor standing water coolers are great where you have access to a mains water supply, as they filter the water direct from your supply. Alternatively, for those who haven't, bottled coolers are ideal as they only need a power socket.

Reasons to use a floor standing water cooler

The health and wellbeing of staff is an extremely important factor with water consumption contributing largely towards this. Health experts recommend that you drink 8 glasses of water a day and by choosing to install a floor standing water dispenser you can help your staff and visitors achieve this. Not only does drinking water help keep an individual hydrated, it also provides many health benefits including improved cognitive function and removal of toxins which can help kidney and liver function. Drinking water is also proven to have a positive effect on a person's mood helping reduce sick days, improve concentration and increase productivity.

Floorstanding water coolers from Coinadrink

If you decide to install a water cooler and are unsure of which model or type to go for, Coinadrink's team will be more than happy to help. Providing both plumbed in and bottled version, with tabletop models available if you are limited on space, Coinadrink have the solution for everyone. Plumbed in models are perfect if you have access to a mains water supply as they filter the water direct from this, ideally the cooler will need to be within 1.5m of this supply. If mains water isn't available then bottled coolers are a great alternative, requiring only a power socket. As part of Coinadrink's service, whichever model you choose, our team of dedicated water technicians will install and regularly service your coolers.