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Desktop Water Coolers

Water in a small form factor, if you don't have the space for a traditional floor standing water cooler then the desktop water cooler may be for you.

Desktop Water Cooler

Desktop water coolers are a smaller compact version of our popular floor standing water cooler range and provide a constant supply of fresh drinking water. Available as either plumbed in or bottled versions, table top water dispensers are an ideal way to ensure your workforce remain hydrated. Hydration plays a vital role to employee wellbeing and productivity, providing endless benefits.

Why use a desktop water cooler?

For those of you that are short on space, desktop water coolers are the perfect alternative to our floor standing water cooler range. With their compact footprint, desktop coolers sit perfectly on a countertop or alternatively can be integrated into your current kitchen design.

Tabletop water dispensers from Coinadrink

Installation of your tabletop water dispenser will be carried out by one of our trained water technicians. For our tabletop top bottled coolers, all that is required is a power socket. For our plumbed in models, both a power socket and access to a mains water supply, ideally within 1.5m of your cooler, are required. Once installed, our dedicated water team will regularly service and sanitise your desktop water cooler.