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Provide Delicious water instantly whether it be from a bottle or from the mains water supply we have a water cooler to suit your needs.

Our Bottled Water Coolers also help to raise money for charity. Each bottle we sell helps raise money for Just Small Change.

Water Coolers

Water Coolers - Get Crystal
Clear Water

Coinadrink have a dedicated water cooler department called Aquatek, to look after all your water needs. To ensure the highest quality drinks we use Wenlock Spring bottled water for its unique blend of minerals and delicate sweet taste.

Bottled water coolers offer the flexibility that they can be placed anywhere with a plug socket. Alternatively go bottle-free with a plumbed-in POU water cooler, that filters your mains water supply. Both types of water cooler offer hot water for making tea and coffee, or upgrade to one of our hot water boilers that are ideal for meetings and conferences.

Local Vending Machine Service

Aquatek provides a local service to supply water coolers and bottled water. We operate within the West Midlands. If you decide to rent a water cooler from us, we'll contact you once every two weeks; to make sure you're stocked up with all the water and cups you require.

We also offer a regular sanitising service where we sterilise your water cooler on site. All of this is included in your water cooler rental, so there is no need to worry about hidden costs. Find out if we operate in your area by calling us on 0800 626 191.

Out of area?

Should you not be located in the area where we provide our local service you can still purchase our coolers from our sister site. Click here to see what machines and water are on offer.