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Instanta Water Boiler

We are proud to stock Instanta water boilers, manufactured in the UK Instanta water boilers can provide hot water in an instant. Using high quality components finished in a stainless steel finish the Instanta water boiler range is the ideal way to deliver hot water.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Made in the UK
  • Simple Installation, Cleaning and maintenance
  • A range of models to suit different needs
  • Boil dry protection

Interested in purchase? We stock the Instanta water boilers on our online shop.

Machine Models

Push Button Water Boiler

Available in 5l or 10l with option for push and hold dispense or a timed filled measure.

Tap Water Boiler

Available in 5l or 10l this model offers a simple tap to dispense hot water efficiently from the stainless steel water boiler.

Dual Chamber Water Boiler

Dual chamber water boiler allows for two different temperatures to be set on the water boiler.

Slimline Water Boiler

When space is limited and hot water still needs to be delivered the slimline water boiler is an ideal choice.

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