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Hot Drinks Machines

Our purposeful floor standing range puts quality, style and speed as matters of priority.

Hot Drinks Machines

Popularity that's unparalleled

Hot drinks machines are some of the most popular vending machines in the workplace. They have come a very long way over the years to now become what is arguably the pinnacle of the industry, with a wide variety of choices available to suit everybody that uses one.

A quick selection process can see you walking away with your choice less than 30 seconds after you reached the machine, with quality that leaves little to be desired.

A hot drinks machine is the ultimate refreshment option in the workplace, and we at Coinadrink provide a range of options to suit yours.

A machine for all...

Coinadrink are more than just a vending company, so it would be wrong if we didn't cater for every type of business.

Some workplaces may prefer style and others lean towards speed, but either of these will always be positioned around quality and supreme taste.

Our floor standing hot drinks machines are ready to slot into your busy working environment, expertly brewing a variety of delicious hot beverages to make your day that bit easier.

So, whether coffee, tea or hot chocolate is your thing, a push of a button will craft a beverage in next to no time, almost by magic...

Sometimes the advantages are what you can't see...

Hot drinks vending machines are big deals in the workplace, and if you don't have one then your business is being left behind.

This is because hot drinks have extended further than simply being a luxury, and are now becoming a necessity that brings countless advantages to your colleagues especially.

Studies show that a hot beverage can raise a person's morale considerably, giving your staff more motivation to get on with tasks to their highest ability. Can you afford for your employees to work below their capable level, when a solution is so easy?